Manchester, Ariana Grande, and Donuts

Manchester, Ariana Grande, and Donuts

Manchester, England…….a horrendous terrorist attack at a concert featuring the young and talented Ariana Grande this past evening is the talk of the world this morning.  I’m imagining that most of the attendants were teens and preteens that adore Ariana and her world of music.  Heartbreaking……

At the time of my writing, there is 22 known dead and the terrorist group ISIS has taken the credit/blame for the bombing.

I feel so bad for the parents that sent their child(ren) to an innocent concert and know the terrible fate and those that still don’t know.

This is all rather hard to write about.  Terror.  Children.  Music.  Those 3 shouldn’t be associated.

I’m imagining the excitement these young kids have been building to the concert.  They were talking on their cell phones, in the halls at school, in the shopping malls while their parent’s memories of their youth and excitement lifted their hearts.

Nothing but good was to come from this experience.  Kids reveling in the memory of the concert sharing it with anyone that would listen.  This was just ‘the best’!!  Or at least it was supposed to be the best moment of their thus far young lives.  Dreams died with some this gruesome evening.  Others will have the scar for a lifetime.

It’s not fair to anyone in this equation.  Despite Ariana’s past encounter with an innocent donut and a bratty mouth…..she didn’t deserve this.

I’m a bit befuddled though as to how this bomb and bomber got into the concert hall.  After the terrorist assault on Bataclan in Paris, France…..I’m thinking that event security has been enhanced.  Was England caught in a costly moment of being off guard?

If so, that has just changed.

Manchester, Ariana Grande, and Donuts

In case you are unaware or in denial, ISIS is the Muslim terrorist organization that President Trump is trying to keep out of the U.S. and keep American kids (and adults) safe at such events in the U.S.  That’s enough on that.

So what’s next?  Who’s next?  Where is next?

Everything goes back to those kids and their parents for me.  An innocent concert, innocent kids just seeing their music idol and enjoying the evening.

Who’s to blame……well ISIS has claimed that.  But, it’s not gonna stop there.  There are officials and government to blame.  After all, while they were scoffing down escargot and champagne innocence was becoming mayhem.

I can’t leave out the role of Ariana Grande.  She’s as innocent as her young fans in this situation.  And I believe, unfortunately because of her past that this will live on longer and in a different light than ‘The Eagles of Death Metal’ have since the Bataclan terrorist assault in Paris.

She doesn’t deserve this……  I’m sure she’s reeling from this event and I sincerely hope that she gets the support she will need to help her thru this time.

Sometimes the words to express our grief and pain just don’t express the horror of an event such as this night in Manchester, England.

An assault on innocence…..lots of pain and lots of blame.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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