When I Woke Up This Morning…..

When I Woke Up This Morning…..

When I woke up this morning I realized that I’ve overlooked a lot of what’s to see here in the area I live.

I’m sort of confined to the State of Quintana Roo for a while because of an expired Temporary Import Permit on my car.  I hear so many different stories that I’ve decided not to take a chance outside of the state and find a way to first resolve the TIP problem.  The process is slow, real slow…..who to talk with seems to be a moving target.  Sooner or later I’ll get it resolved, so meanwhile, I’ve still more to explore here in Quintana Roo!

There are lots of villages around that I’ve not seen or that I’ve seen and haven’t written about, haven’t explored fully or eaten there.  That, I’ll start taking care of today.

I feel sort of reborn, back in touch with my purpose……living and breathing a life with some simple adventures. Not all adventures have to be scaling the side of a volcano, meandering thru tropical rainforest, or walking on suspended bridges.  The simple adventures are found off the beaten tourist path.

So, when I woke this morning and fired up my Mac I started doing some reading and exploring……that’s when the hidden obvious was revealed.  Today I’ll start.

Today I’ll start by making a list of places and revisiting some places that I’ve ignored.  Yeah, I’ve ignored some places…..one place, in particular, is Tulum.  I’m not sure why.  There’s lots here to explore and reacquaint myself with.

My goal is to give myself and those who follow an up-close and personal visit, not only to Tulum but to some of the places I’ve not yet seen.

It starts today!

When I Woke Up This Morning…..

I feel invigorated!  Born again!  I’ve got a fresh desire and a fresh eye……and I’m gonna take advantage of that.

Where to first???  I don’t know for sure but it seems like Tulum.

Tulum is about a 30-minute drive south of where I live (Puerto Aventuras).  It’s a thriving and growing area.  Lately, I’ve noticed in the news that a number of celebrities have tasted the awesomeness of Tulum.  I’m not going celebrity hunting……I’m going locals hunting.  Taste the taste of the street……take a survey of margaritas too.

It’s gonna be a street view.  Like Google Earth…….first hand.

I’m listening to my life…..meaning that I’m away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.  I captive to a new life that is much slower, quieter and simpler than I’ve experienced before.  I’ll intend to take advantage by experiencing more of what around me without trying to change what’s around me or worst yet live what’s not around me.  That last part is my struggle.

And just because some place is inconvenient to get to doesn’t mean I don’t go.  Me, challenging me.

I remember a relative coming to live with us in Florida and he wanted to change his life……only he kept trying to be his old self in a new environment and he failed.  That’s a lesson learned and believe me, it was a tough lesson for me.

I can’t be like the old me….I can’t live that old life here, it’s not available.  I’ll adjust and enjoy all that’s available.

So!  I’m looking now for the simple adventures that surround me…..hidden in the little nooks and crannies of my Mexican experience.

This will be fun!

See ya back here soon with a taste of Mexico.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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