Pizza, and Fish Tacos Best On Earth, Tulum

Pizza, and Fish Tacos Best On Earth, Tulum

Best On Earth!  It’s what the sign reads!  Best Pizza on Earth!  Best Fish Tacos on Earth!  I think there’s one that reads  ‘Best Hamburguesa on Earth’ too.  And they all can be enjoyed in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico!

All in ONE place!!    Best on Earth!  One heck of a boast!


No, I haven’t eaten any of these…..but the places are enticing.  They’re along the beach of Tulum in the Jungle lined road that meanders it’s way to Sian Ka’an Biosphere. This is really a unique route to drive.  Parking though is very difficult because of the resorts, the resorts have most all the parking and unless you are staying there you’ll have a tough time finding a place to park….or fight for a place to park.

I did hang-out for a few hours at one of the resort restaurants……..the view was ‘Spectacular’ and the food was semi-okay as it was what I call ‘fancy fare’.  I should’ve found the place with the Best On Earth Something Else!

Just a thought, I guess I was paying for the view.  It was one of the few resorts that provided parking (that I could find) for restaurant guest.

But, I’m figuring this out.  There’s an area of about 300 yards that can be parked with beach access and from there just walk to the shops and cafe’s (in the shade I might add) and return to my vehicle at the beach for a nice refreshing dip in the Caribbean.  

The beaches of Tulum are just breathtaking…….no area disappoints.  They are the obvious beauty of Tulum.  But there’s beauty all around… the people, the art, the cuisine, and laid back atmosphere.  Delightful!

Best Pizza, and Fish Tacos On Earth, Tulum

So, I’m down here in Tulum…..I’m exploring.  I’m gonna have the ‘Best On Earth’ something.  I didn’t see the sign for the ‘Best Hamburguesa On Earth’, maybe I’m mistaken or they have closed for the off-season.

One thing that didn’t escape my attention was the heat!!  103 feel like temperature and I tried to stay in the shade.  Lots of boutique shops to visit, lots of walking and lots of sweating.

There’s no way I’m gonna eat both ‘Best On Earth’ places I found…..I had to settle on one and I did find a place on the beach to park and walk about 500 yards to .

The worst part was the waiters trying to decide whether they wanted to wait on me or not!  That was a bit confusing!  Perhaps I looked like a ‘bad’ former experience.  I watched them looking and it was like neither one wanted to make their way to my table.

I’m forgiving though….but I did mention the waiter’s reluctance to him and he scurried off for 2 Sol beers with lime.  Getting a refill was an effort too.  I think the waiters gave most of their attention to the sloshed soccer fans cheering their favorite team.

The menu had an awesome choice of Mexican food……I almost struggle as to what to choose.  But really that was decided before I walked into the establishment (it’s mostly wide open outdoor seating…..make that all outdoors seating).  Best Fish Tacos On Earth!  I was getting ‘THE’ ‘Best On Earth’!!  I was a bit awestruck with anticipation of delving into the ‘Best On Earth’.

So, what did I get for the ‘Best On Earth’?  I got the ‘Best On Earth’!  It looks simple, and tastes simply ‘brilliant’!  They had this special sauce that complimented it that was THE BEST!

Best Pizza, and Fish Tacos On Earth, Tulum

I’m sold…..should I return (and I will), I may never eat anything else.

I did get a laugh out the waiter…..

When it came time to order I grabbed my phone and showed him,  he couldn’t help but laugh.  I’ve a way with doing these things.

Tulum has much of The ‘Best On Earth’ to brag about…..

Here’ a few pics of my eye’s delight;  The shoreline picture to the left above, that’s the resort!!  Looks like a clump of sticks……looks like kindling, but it’s the resort!  Ya gotta see it!  I’ll have to get another picture of it closer!

One more before I go….

More of Tulum shortly….

Peace, love, and beaches,



  1. I love Mateos for Dancing on Fridays 8 to 10.
    Zama across the road.. catty corner on the beach has incredible food..
    Worth the price..Dessert!!! Chocolate?? Whatever is the best I ve tasted here..

    1. So many places!!! Walked the streets yesterday…in and out of shops and restaurants. I’ve gained 5 pounds in two days!!! But I had fun!

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