I May Not Be Your Cup of Tea…..

I May Not Be Your Cup of Tea…..

I was just thinking that I may not be your cup of tea.  And that’s all right.  Sometimes I don’t think I’m my own cup of tea!

Lots of change in my life, even on a daily basis.  Sometimes I can’t keep up with me and I’m not sure at times as to what I want to do.

It’s 8:20 am and I’m thinking of going to Cozumel for the day…….but, I thought earlier that I’d just take the day to write and work on some music.  Hang on, I’m sure in the next 30 minutes I’ll have another change of heart.

I find it hard to live with myself sometime.  I’ve never been one to spend a lot of time on thinking of my past but I do spend a hell of a lot of time pondering my future.

I like it there, there is where I’m going.  I’m not in any rush…….I just like the thoughts of what I’ll do.  I find it my challenge in life.  That’s a good thing…..at least to me.

There’s a bit of frustration that accompanies that too.  I feel more comfortable in doing things on the spur of the moment.  It drives me crazy, but I love it.  It’s the planning that cramps my style.  You didn’t know I had a ‘style’ did you, me neither.

I love the things I do and I do the things I love.

And I have fun….fun is what I do.

The thought of my pursuit of something that isn’t fulfilled is something I hate.  And honestly, that’s much of life.  I want the experience.  Without the experience, I’m unfulfilled.

I’m out making new acquaintances,  he was shy…….  Different too, I like different. The problem is that he (the dog) doesn’t speak English.

Cup of tea…..

So, I’ve had 2 breakfasts, chocolate cake and I’m wondering why I’m so much over weight……I’ll start dieting at lunch

I’m learning to accept me and the way I am…….I’ve the attention span of a 2-year-old!  I think it’s because my creativity is on call 24/7.

It’s like I’m always discovering something new……that’s cool.

Do you even like tea?  Just wondering.

Even my writing in the preceding seems to be a bit all over the place…….just a lot of jibber-jabber if you ask me.  I’ve changed my mind of going to Cozumel and I’m thinking I could use a good walk plus I have to pick up clothes from the cleaners.  I’ve a washer, but no dryer and there’s not enough room outside to hang wash so for around $4 I bring my laundry and they wash, dry and fold!  Awesome.  They know me as John Louis (or Luis)…….  I seem to be those ladies cup of tea.  I like that.  I’m thinking that I may have responded to something they said in Espanol in a way of their interest.  I do get good service there.

I think I’m their cup of tea.

Back to me.

Yesterday walking the streets of Tulum, shopping and drinking margaritas I kept thinking I’d like to go to the beach.  So once I got home I settled on the pool and more beverages.

I never know what I’m gonna end up doing on any day.  My life is fluid, ever changing and keeping me on my toes because I never know what I’m gonna do next.

Cup of tea, ‘eh.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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