Shopping In Tulum……….

Shopping In Tulum……….

First of all, I love to shop.  I’ll shop most anywhere!  But, I love shopping in Tulum…….Cozumel too.

On a recent visit to Cozumel, I bought my first hammock.  I’ve been drooling over hammocks.  And on this particular day in Cozumel, there were no cruise ships and the offseason had just arrived. While walking along the waterfront a business caught my eye down a side street. I caught the eye of this huge gentleman in front of me on the opposite street corner.  It was his shop, so he came over and said, “follow me to my shop”.  Yeah, that’s a bit uncomfortable, but I did.  His name was Jose and his wife….Brenda.  Yeah, I know, Brenda.  Not the most common Hispanic name.

Anyway, in Jose’s shop ……it was a nice variety.  But my attention kept going to the colorful hammocks.  Jose’ noticed and made his pitch.  I bought it…..$30 U.S.  I sensed a good deal.  Why?  Most all places that I had shopped hammocks were starting at $100.  Perhaps because I was a Gringo.  Who knows!  I got a bargain.

I chose the cream colored instead of the colorful.

Flash forward to Tulum…..I’m hitting the streets ‘shopping’!!  

You wouldn’t think it was offseason in Tulum.  The streets were filled with shoppers.

I know this sounds silly but I get anxious when I shop down here.  Why? Because I’m floored by how inexpensive I can buy stuff.  With the exception of stuff like electronics.  I’m not gonna get a bargain on Apple products from Liverpool in Playa del Carmen.  I’ll pay the same as in the states.

There’s an aspect of shopping in Mexico that brings up two feelings in me……the anxiousness and then there’s …..humility.

Shopping In Tulum……….

I’m far from wealthy but most anything in these shops, I can well afford.  Somethings aren’t of my interest like in one store the owner begged me in and took me straight to the t-shirts and I shook me head no, so then he grabbed a fine Mexican shirt. I told him, “No camisa.”  And I was on my way.

While I may not know exactly what I want, I do know what I don’t want.  I’m letting my eye find the magic.

Colors are always catching my eye.

I’m walking along and I’m seeing all these colorful Mexican blankets and……..and hammocks.  I’m lured in to each of these store.  One particular store I met Hector and as we chatted back and forth I inquired of the price on his hammocks.  There was a very comfortable range he quoted and had my interest.  I don’t know!!!  I’m just intrigued with hammocks…..wait til I tell you the other thing that consumes my shopping interest.  But back to the hammocks.  I can buy a similiar hammock to the one from Cozumel for about $20 U.S.!!  But, I thank Hector and make my way to the adjacent shop.  As I’m looking and asking questions concerning my 2nd interest I realize I need to go back to Hector and buy the hammock.  I do.  Another cream colored hammock.

I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with one hammock, now I’ve got two!  ????

I think I can ease off the hammocks now.

I also coughed up $1 for these blue rimmed reading glasses…. (Nice looking hand, just sayin’)

Shopping In Tulum……….

The other interest I have is to buy a ‘skull’.  Yeah, I know…..doesn’t seem like me. Skulls are a big thing here……they are everywhere!  I should do some earnest research and write on that…..but you can’t go anywhere (almost) without seeing ‘skulls’!

So, I’m shopping for a skull.  I just want one.  I did buy a minerature for P.J. but decided I’d keep it for myself.  For some reason……I don’t have a picture of the skulls!!!  I’m preoccupied with buy not just any skull, but THE skull. These skulls are extremely colorfully designed…..two empty eye sockest, nose, and underneath there’s a nice size hole.  That hole underneath is important to me.

Hang with me.

I saw this skull with jewel like eyes instead of being empty….but there was no hole underneath.  What’s so important about having the hole underneath is to place a tea candle and/or an incense cone.  I’ve got a vision.  The owner of this shop was in a bargaining mood…..but it wasn’t gonna happen because it wasn’t that I wanted.  And I didn’t find it that day, nor yesterday.  I can be patient.

I’m really not sure how I’m perceived at times when I enter a store…..  This is what I mean.  Yesterday I stuck my head into a store across from this FAB pizza place (more on that tomorrow, or the next day) and I inquired of the skull……$35!!!  And I can’t even sleep in it!!!  The one I liked the day before was about $13…. Understand, these, in some cases are a work of art!  Some would merit the $35 price point….but not this store.  And he didn’t even attempt to negotiate!

The skull will have to wait for another day.

Shopping In Tulum……….

I’m not a jewelry person, but I do like a necklace and bracelet, so those were in my eye in the stores…..  Nothing metallic though, I prefer cloth.   In the background….

Lots of clothing…, but I don’t wear much.  Swimwear, or light shorts and a shirt. Shoes optional.

Lots of trinket stuff and novelty (for a lack of a better descriptive word) 

This is fun, but what isn’t fun is when these lovely people keep dropping their prices to entice the buyer……I find it heartbreaking.  In some instances it’s fine…..but in some it gets out of hand.  And I’m not there to take advantage of these people.  Yeah, I want something fair, but they need to make a living and take care of their families.  So, I don’t see how far they will go, if I’m interested I usually buy at their first or second bargain price.  I’m done at that point.  One store a few months back…..the guy was pulling everything off the shelf and bargaining with me after I agreed on a small purchase.  I can’t support every store!!  Heartbreaking.

Good hearted people, making their living……good people.

I tell them I’ll be back, and I do go back.

Shopping in Tulum……I love it!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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