No Lost Shaker of Salt Here

No Lost Shaker of Salt Here

Lost shaker of salt?  Nah…..

One of those days when just one margarita won’t do.  And the second and all subsequent margaritas can’t be from the same place.

This will be 5 margaritas at 5 different places and I’m gonna throw in 2 Sol beers for the heck of it.  I can’t say it’s to clean my palate.  That’s not the purpose of the Sol beers…….I just like Sol beer.  See, I keep it simple and keep it honest.  Of course, I’ll probably drink any other Mexican beer if Sol isn’t available.  But this isn’t about my appetite for Sol beer…..this, this is about margaritas!

Let’s begin.

Unless you’re in ill-informed drinker or a novice drinker you’ll notice that not all margaritas are created equal.  I know, I’ve watched the bartends make them and I’ve followed up by drinking them

Caution!!!  Don’t try this at home.  It’s not the same!  That’s why.  Get yourself a non-drinking buddy, pick out a few places and get started.

I’m not sure that 5 is the correct number of margaritas to challenge yourself with……I just stopped at 5.  Maybe you’ll stop at 3.

No Lost Shaker of Salt Here

Beware of the ‘house’ margarita.  Why?  It’s a loaded drink.  It’s geared to hit you and hit you fast and hard.  You’ve probably thought that it would be a weak drink, right….  Well, it’s like a record label listening to a song… has to do its job and do it fast. Then and only then will the label want more.  The same way with a house margarita.   It won’t be expensive, it will have two important things going on….it will have a taste that makes you want another and it will have enough alcohol that makes you lose count of how many you’re having.  It’s a good investment on the bars part….and it helps you part with your money.

I’ve had these ‘well’ drinks and I’d rather not.

I wanna see them mixing that margarita.  Besides, I like to note the differences with bartenders.

Let’s get started!

1st up…  I had never stopped here before but it’s 1st up but actually 2nd up the 1st attemp was at a Thai restaraunt……that’s right Thai.  It was on there blackboard on the sidewalk…..First, I was surprised to see a Thai restaraunt on the streets of Tulum, Mexico!!  So, I mosey on in the waiter sits me down (there’s no bar here!) and I order the 1st of what would have been 7 margaritas. He walks behind the serving bar, leans over the bar with his cell phone in hand and starts browsing thru some postings.  HUH????  I’m a paying customer!!  By the way, he wasn’t Thai!  So, I didn’t wait around for my margarita……too many others will gladly serve and take my money.

No Lost Shaker of Salt Here

Back to Pantanegra.

This was a most delightful and refreshing margarita and……I wouldn’t forget the greeting of the tequila!  Everything seemed to have said, “Good Choice”!    This was going down too easy.  It’s an authentic Spanish restaraunt!  This margarita came with a bonus. I’m not sure what it is……but I’m sure of this!!!  It’s GOOD!  I’ll be back!

Next up is the first place I ever had a margarita in Tulum. .  I met Miguel here.  Miguel is from Mexico City and he relocated himself to support his family.  Miguel would only get one day off every other week… there were no weekend jaunts back to Mexico City to see his family.  Lots of sacrifice and he’s not the only one……   But back to the reason at hand  the margarita!  This one is simple…..a lighter taste than most I’ve had and it’s an easy drink from start to finish.  This one, the tequila doesn’t say hello or anything like that, the lime shines though.

Just a step next door….., so close you almost couldn’t tell it was another place…..the chairs were the giveaway. Well the yellow paint too.  Friendly!  That was the first thing to grab my attention. The second thing that grabbed my attention was this  robust flavored margarita!!  This baby didn’t disappoint!!  It just wanted to be liked!  Everything about it said, “You’re gonna like me”!  The color is affected by the table cloth, but it had a beautiful lime color….  And a remarkable soaring taste!  I’m gonna have to go back…not a bad menu either.

No Lost Shaker of Salt Here

Have you noticed anything odd about the margarita presentation???  The glass!  It’s not the standard margarita glass you are served with in the U.S.!

Here’s a picture of the inside of the 4th place…. quite nice!!  That’s one of the waiters…..okay he’s the only waiter there on the job.  He’s from Belgium!!  Very friendly character with a delightful disposition.

From the outside…… one more inside But that’s not what I’m here for so it’s time to get down to business, the margarita please!   You notice anthing about this picture that is ‘different’ from all the others.  Yep, you got it!  Under the left hand portion of the glass is a Sol beer sign.  Oh!!!  It’s the traditional U.S. margarita glass!  Lovely presentation and it’s the only one that came frozen!  And they could’ve kept it too!!!  Awful margarita!  No flavor of anything!  I think there’s way to much frozen slush and not enough lime or alcohol.  Bad!   But here’s another delightful picture inside and the all too obvious Sol beer sign to the bottom left.  I should’ve had a Sol.  That never disappoints.

Okay that’s number 4.

No Lost Shaker of Salt Here

Number 5!    I stumbled upon this place back in October of last year so, I’m familiar with what I’m getting here.  I KNOW that I’m not gonna be disappointed.  Thru the door and to the right about 10 feet is the bar….an indoor bar.  Behind that bar is Diego.  Diego has a way with mixing a margarita.  Diego doesn’t understand a bit of English but he speaks fluent margarita!  I’ve never been disappointed.  Diego is in to making that margarita…’s like he’s passionate about his work and wants the customer to be thoroughly satisfied…..He’s gonna mix that drink less than 5 feet from me using Hornitos tequila and into my glass squeezing the lime right before my eyes!   Truth be known, I had two here.  5 places, 6 margaritas!  Ole!

No lost shaker of salt here!

And here’s my Sol beer, with a slice of lime……  I just like my Sol beer.

I hope you enjoyed following me around the streets of Tulum drinking tequila……there’s more places to go and I’ll do that again…..wanna guess where my last stop will be!


Peace, love, and beaches,


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