I’ve Got It Good and That Ain’t Bad

I’ve Got It Good and That Ain’t Bad

I recently saw an add for a 2 bedroom townhouse rental in my hometown in South Louisiana for $1,100 per month.  I’m renting a condo a short walk from the Caribbean on the Mexican Riviera for about half that amount with a utility bill of $15 over a two month period.  I’ve got it good and that ain’t bad.

That’s just for starters……you see I’m traveling.  Traveling from here to wherever I want to go!  Right now I’m privileged to be a Temporary Resident.  That’s different that a Tourist Visa allowing a stay of 6 months at a time.  I stay for a full year and renew annually for up to 3 years, the forth I must file for Permanent Residency.  And I may do that this time…..the Mexican representative at the Mexican Consulate in Orlando, Florida suggested I give it 2 years…..but it’s cheaper to just get it done.  We’ll see.

Living here…..  As I stated in the first paragraph my electric bill was just a mere $15 for a 2 month period….the previous 2 months was $5.50.  That ain’t bad.  Summer is closing in on me, we’ll have to see what sort of bill I’ll be having then.  Anyway, it goes it’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper than living in Anytown, USA.

Right now.  Right here.  My monthly expenses aren’t as much as the townhouse rental in South Louisiana!  I’ve realized that I can live even cheaper than I do……..  Sometimes it’s the thought, ‘why?’ that prevents me.

I’ve Got It Good and That Ain’t Bad

I get to wake up to a Caribbean breeze blowing thru my condo, a fresh cup of Mexican/Central American coffee and start my day at a relaxing pace.  A pace that I’m unfamiliar with as my lifestyle has always been a hustle of a time.  But now, rather I want to or not, I must slow down.

I no longer have the luxury of going to Biff’s at 5:30 am in the morning for coffee and breakfast.  Such places aren’t happening before about 7:30 am, so breakfast out isn’t an early or often option. But!!!  When I do go out for breakfast it’s always a delightful surprise.

I do have the pleasure of that aforementioned Caribbean breeze, an eye pleasing palapa along with the pleasant view of a swimming pool amidst a jungle setting.

That’s not bad.

Another thing while I’m at it……I get to make amends to all skipping all those naps when I was a youngster.  Some days…..I’ll do 2 siestas!  I feel so refreshed!!  And I feel so appreciative of the fact that I can take those siestas without an ounce of guilt.  I’m not sure whether it’s a being older thing or just dropping out of the rat race of life.  Possibly both!  Either way, they are as every bit refreshing as life has intended them to be.

I can do things at odd times.

I’ve got this….

Our minds and lifestyles are built around those god-awful 8+ hour work days frame within a 5 day period.  It’s really like being imprisoned in order to live life and then set free but only having to return the next day or from furlough in 2 days.

That’s a shame.

And if you should try to participate in the pleasure events you love within those work hours or days you’re frowned upon and judged…..wrongfully.

Me….that’s not so.  First of all, I could give a rats ass about someone being displeased with my pleasurable lifestyle.  And lastly, their judgment is meaningless to me.  I’ll partake in whatever I want to when I want to (except those that require a business being open at an odd time before 7 am and after 9 pm).  This morning I want a glass of bourdeau…..I’ve a Bordeau in my wines….I’ll have the pleasure.  I don’t care what you think, this is my life to enjoy and that ain’t bad.

I’ve Got It Good and That Ain’t Bad

Here’s something else that isn’t bad…..on Christmas day I can be on the beach and splashing around in the Caribbean.  That ain’t bad!  This is meaningful to me because I don’t like ‘cold’ (except in beer, margaritas, bloody mary’s, etc….oh and water too.) and being able to take a swim year round is my prerogative now.  Even the hot days, a dip in the Caribbean is a pleasure and a privilege.

I’ll take a backpack full of ice cold beers, a beach chair, an umbrella, my snorkel gear, a flask of Don Julio Tequila and stroll my way to the beach….  The beach, a stroll away.  At one particular beach there is a bar there, but get this……it closes at 6 pm!!  And it’s part of one of the two luxury resorts in Puerto Aventuras.

“No More Mondays”

Oh, this beach thing with a backpack full of ice cold beer…..I can do that a 7 am in the morning if I want to, I can do in on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday!  I can do it in the morning, noon, or evening…..or I can do it all 3!

In case you didn’t catch it there’s ‘No More Mondays‘ http://johngaudetmusic.com/ms_song/no-mondays

I treat my life a lot different than before moving to Mexico…..I’ve got it good.

FOOD!!!   Ah, the food!!  I was so anxious to move to Mexico eat fresh foods ( I do by the way) and lose weight like I had read of others…..but, so far that ‘losing’ part isn’t for me.  No as of yesterday I’m about 15 pounds heavier!  I’m sort of tending to that and I’ve got good intentions.

So, what’s the deal with the weight gain…..honestly I haven’t quite put my finger on it.  And right now I can hear your judgemental minds reeling out the reason, perhaps you’ve even shouted it at the computer screen……”It’s the BEER John, the BEER!”  You, know, I thought so too.  But a simple test of ommision along with my walking proved otherwise.  Did it for a week.  The next day I did my walk and had a few beers in the afternoon and the next moring I had lost a tad over a pound.  Did it the next day with similar results.  You think I’m lying, I could care less……you see, I’ve no reason to lie to myself and everything is automatically updated on my app.  Your problem is the way you’re programmed.  Simple.

I’ve Got It Good and That Ain’t Bad

Something I discovered late in my research before embarking on a life outside the United States was that 1st to have a lengthy stay in a destination and 2nd, continue to travel from there.  Going back and forth from the U.S. was of no benefit.  Just keep traveling!  It’s just a different way of thinking, a different way of living.  I recently had a dear friend ask if I had anywhere to go……  The answer is other than where I am right now, no.  Precarious?  Possibly.  I just look at it as different.  I don’t see anything wrong.  And fear is overrated.

A few days ago on a shopping spree, I bought these reading glasses  for $1 U.S. While they can be had cheap in the states, not for $1.00!!

Not necessarily money to burn, but…..

Grocery shopping is where I splurge, only because I can.  But, my splurging is really based on everything (well most everything) becoming an ‘impulse buy’ item.  It’s that cheap.

At Sam’s Wholesale in Playa del Carmen (a bit to the north of where I live, Puerto Aventuras) I can buy a case of Corona beer for less than $9.50 (and I’m not saying $9.49!). Buying fruits and veggies I feel like I’m stealing!

The only foods that are expensive come from the U.S.  The foods local or from say….Europe are much cheaper than shopping in the U.S.  As you’re probably aware, drinking the water in Mexico is a no-no…..I go to Sam’s and buy 12 liters (2 six liter bottles) for $1.70!!!  And honestly, the pricing isn’t much different in the convenient stores down here!!

I can buy a candy bar for around $.55!!!  Snickers!!! I have a private emergency stash of chocolate candy….don’t tell anyone.

We shop in liters, grams, and it’s priced in pesos.  My iPhone app calculates for me my cost in U.S. Dollars.

I’ve Got It Good and That Ain’t Bad

Do I miss anything about the United States?  Yes, I do.  English is the first thing.  I also miss my home in St. Petersburg, Florida and my plenty of beaches and beach bars.

Yeah, there’s beaches here……and the waters are clearer and more beautiful and fascinating here.  But, the beaches aren’t as accessible here…….you have to find your way thru the jungle outside of the resort areas and private properties.  It’s very rare that you could just drive up to the beach like in Florida.  Very rare.

Healthcare is the same as in the U.S. except it’s much cheaper.  I had an accident early on, back in October of last year that required attention at an emergency clinic.  I had an English speaking doctor that provided me with shots, stitches, and medicines for less than $20 U.S.!!!  This probably would have cost a few thousand dollars in the U.S.

There are fine hospitals and doctor offices all around…..lots have gotten their education from prominent institutions in Mexico and the U.S.

I’m presently carrying a $5,000 deductible for a catastrophic policy and a $50,000 emergency policy with no deductible for about a third of a private policy in the U.S.  I haven’t used either yet…..  Also, I can buy a lot of what was prescription medicines over the counter here……the same names, the same quality, and potency.

I’ve got it good and that ain’t bad.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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