So…….Here’s My Advice

So…….Here’s My Advice

Everybody wants advice.  So, here’s my advice.

Take your own advice!

Okay, I’m done here……later!

Seriously, take your own advice… know best what you want whether it’s an item, a love, a career, a lifestyle change……it really doesn’t matter when it comes to choosing, you’re your best source of advice.

Not what you want to hear, I know.

But you know you better than anyone else knows you.

You’ve actually set your sights on something when you’re starting to seek advice.  But it’s not advice that you’re really looking for.  It’s the how to, that you’re looking for.  Thus, telling someone how to live their life isn’t very good.

Why?  The main reason is that we’re different.  Different like automobiles.  You’re not gonna put a Ford engine in a Fiat.  It won’t fit.  And I see advice in much the same way.

But you need some help!  You need some direction!!  Perhaps the voice of experience!

What got someone where they wanted to go, be, or items are made up of more than a blueprint for your life.  And yet, it could be.  Not really.  There’s no blueprint for heart or desire.  That’s totally up to each of us. If you find an on the blueprint for heart or desire…….you’re wasting your money, send me your $9.99 or whatever the cost of the book. Or better yet the cost of that never-ending seminar series.  You know the one that creates a need for the other seminars.  Think about that one.

So…….Here’s My Advice

Have you ever got sucked into any of those?  If not, perhaps you should.  Lose your money and at the same time, lose your motivation, your car, your apartment, etc.  Because if you keep following that path the only one that’s getting what they want is the one that’s doing the taking.

Oh, but, that’s just my advice.

Besides, the person that’s doing is more interested in their doing rather than nursing you through your wants.  Really.  I know that seems callous but a problem is that the one asking advice becomes dependent on the person they are asking.

How we get to where we want to go, do what we want to do, relationships, etc. is totally in our own hands.  It’s fragile.

Here’s another good reason why getting advice isn’t the best way to get it done.  Let’s say, you take someone’s advice and use the method they suggest.  You fail.  You can personally opt out on taking the blame…..the blame falls on the adviser.  And, you’re no closer to whatever it is, it’s someone else’s fault and you feel good about that part.

The adviser……this is important now so listen up.  They are who they are and you are who you are.  There’s a difference that a blueprint can’t touch and seminar after seminar can’t reveal.

I’m not good at following someone else’s path…..  Been there and done that and wasted a lot of my time.

Who we are is that we are different.

I like to talk and I like to help people.  But, I’ve also found that most people would rather you do it for them and hold their hand along the way.

So…….Here’s My Advice

I once was explaining to someone that there’s a lot of opportunities.  They said they’d like to find one for themselves, one that’s automated……  That’s possible believe it or not.  I said I’d look around while doing my thing and if I found anything I’d give them a heads-up.  I found something and explained how simple.  Their reply if is was so simple, why ain’t I doing it and asked that I just set it up for them.  Last conversation I had or will have of that sort.

Ask me for some advice I’ll tell you to sell your house, your fancy car, quit your job and start doing what you really want to do.  On any issue, you would say ‘no’!  I just wasted my time.  Besides if you would do that without knowing what you want out of life and how to get it, you get to blame me.

You’ve got to know what you want.  Then you put in the applicable research (it took me 5 years of research and I’m still learning, sometimes the hard way and no one is to fault). Write out (yes write out, you’re building your personal blueprint….it’ll be a rough draft, probably a lot of the way thru the process) your plan.  After all this…….sit for a moment and ask yourself the ‘all-important’……is this what I really want questions.  Then if everything minus not having all the answer is a go……just do it.  Simply take the first step and make it happen.

Just make it happen.

“The rules that got you where you are, no longer apply.”

Peace, love, and beaches,


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