I’m Not One For Looking Back, But

I’m Not One For Looking Back, But

Looking back.  I’m not one for doing much of that.  But there are times when, where I’m at in life I don’t realize how much I’ve done and it’s at that time that I look back.  And, I’m doing that right now.

It’s not because I’m feeling wayward, melancholy, lost, or even unhappy.  I’m working thru some habits that prevent me from doing more and it just feels appropriate to do a little reminiscing.

I know, sometimes it’s me just doing my thing with reckless abandon that sees me thru.  But not this time.  This time I need my help.

I look back at selling my house in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I got the price asked for minus $500.  That’s an awesome accomplishment.  Other than having a real cool place and a buyer that had a real keen eye, it’s just one of those things that happen just because it was available to happen.  My part was only my willingness to do, move forward.

This wasn’t difficult at all……  I put the house up for sale myself.  It was listed on the MLS on a Friday evening and I had a phone call at 9 am Saturday for a showing at 1:30 pm and an acceptable offer at 5:30 pm.

Is everything that simple, I’m not sure, but why not try.

Here’s a bit of a look back, you can feel the excitement I was experiencing!


I’m Not One For Looking Back, But

I actually did it!  I sold everything, paid off the bills, packed the car, and left for Mexico (after a short visit to Key West, I couldn’t leave with visiting one last time).

The only thing I remember being fearful about was the inventory in the SUV.  It had to be listed in English and in Espanol.  Neither had been done and the crossing in Laredo, Texas on the tomorrow.

The experience of driving across any border that I was gonna be stopped and searched had never darkened my door of reality until now.

One other thing is that the SUV was paid for and not a cent owed on it but, I didn’t have any proof.  Nor did I realize that my auto insurance for Mexico wasn’t valid for another 24 hours.

I remember being jittery about the whole experience to the point of…..well, if I can’t cross then I’ll have to make another try.

All the time in the back of my mind a clock was ticking that hadn’t, in reality, started yet.  Once I crossed the border I had 30 days to file for my residency, or I’d have to leave back to the U.S. within 6 months and start the process over.  And it wouldn’t be a simple as the first time……things never are.  But, I thought the clock was ticking from when I told the Mexican consulate in writing when I’d enter Mexico.

Worried for nothing.

Wasn’t stopped for the inventory inspection, and no stop to see my auto ownership or insurance.  Oh, there’s a law here in Mexico that every automobile must have a fire extinguisher….I need to go buy one.

I am making my way….there’s hope http://peaceloveandbeaches.com/index.php/2016/09/28/im-havent-arrived/

I’m Not One For Looking Back, But

Where to from here?  What’s next?  Questions I ask myself on a daily basis.  But the answers aren’t to be found by picking up and going somewhere else.  I do what I want to do from here until I’ve done all there is to do from here.

I’ve got some other things to do……so things that I seem to avoid.  I know that if I commit and explore a bit more that I’ll accomplish those things too!

I’ve got time.  I’ve got the talent.  I sort of have the willingness.  So, I’m thinking it’s maybe a chance I don’t want to take?  Am I afraid of failure?  How much am I depriving myself of by not doing?  Lots of serious questions that I ask myself.  And don’t get me wrong, I’m not beating myself up about them……but I’m exploring me and as to why I leave them undone.  And when I do work on them it’s really a much less than a half-ass attempt.  That part angers me.

So, what am I to do to rise to the challenge?

That’s what I’m wrestling with right here and now.  That’s why I’m looking back.  Whatever obstacle that I’m putting in the way is only real in my mind, but what’s the reason for me putting the obstacle in my way.

That’s why I’m remembering some of my past…..my personal heroics!  I like putting it that way!  My Personal Heroics!

A lot of stuff I’ve done isn’t written in my blog. Most of it is written in my journal except two important happenings before I started writing my journal.  So, I can’t really re-post that experience.  But there are some dynamic events that are encouraging….like

This stands out…. http://peaceloveandbeaches.com/index.php/2017/03/20/walking-across-hanging-bridges-central-costa-rica/

If you don’t remember you can check out the link above….this was a daunting experience, not for the faint hearted (I couldn’t see the ground from this height!).  And neither was the drive up and down the mountains.  A serious challenge.  It may even look inviting and safe but when you look down……and when you do look down and you notice that there’s a bolt missing bridging panels of the walk together……there’s a breathless moment.

I’m Not One For Looking Back, But

So, I’m beginning to look back at my experiences and overcoming.  I need that.  This isn’t a sad moment or a pity moment……it’s an exciting time because I’ll get what I need from my positive experiences and I’ll transform my present into a new exciting journey that’ll ripple thru my life and hopefully others as well.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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