We Can’t Live In Peace, Evidently

We Can’t Live In Peace, Evidently

Live in peace?  Not in my lifetime evidently.

I don’t condone any violence, I don’t like it.  I think it’s an imaginary way out.   Huh???

The problem lies deeper.

Here’s what I’m saying.  Violent advocates will always find something to be violent about.  Remove the object of their violence and they will replace it with another.  And it will continue on and on and on.  Why?  Because they are advocates of violence. They must always have something to be violent about.

Take away the object that they express their violence towards…….they will replace it with another.  They have to!  It’s their nature.

That you can’t change.  That’s their responsibility.  Their choice.

Entirely too much hate.

I recently posted on my social media that in no circumstances is the act of beheading entertaining or funny.  What happens?  Someone attempts to justify it because of some cartoon characterizations by anonymous individuals.

That was disheartening.  I’m suddenly grouped in with violent advocates for my stand against violence.  I’m really at a lost.  We’ve become a society that at it’s best is to attack peace.  I’m really at a lost for words.  Yet, I must find a way.  Find a way to keep my tithers about me and maintain my focus and cause.

I want peace…..

Why is it that people can’t reason, but sink to violence.  Is it because they’ve lost their rationale?  Do they even think?  Or is it that violence and hatred are now becoming the norm.

I resist.

Is there a way, a better way.  Not in my lifetime. Unless this becomes cataclysmic.  Then, the game of winners and losers is still being lived out in violence.

We Can’t Live In Peace, Evidently

I’m actually searching for an answer.  I can’t demand something of people because they have their rights to be who they are.

I really wanted to write something a little more fun and a lot more hopeful.  But, perhaps…..perhaps there is no hope.  Honestly.  No pie in the sky here.

No hope for peace.

People can’t even engage in meaningful discourse in a non-violent way.  Opinion over facts and experience is the main dish.

I can’t even write about violence being unacceptable without getting 6 reasons why violence is acceptable.  That my friend is sad.  And from a least likely source.

I’m still gonna condemn violence and speak of a peaceful life……I may end up on an uninhabited island alone with no internet.  For me, that’s acceptable.  I could do that.  I can’t change anything in society anyway.  It’s hell bent on destruction.

I just don’t get it.

Imagine, if you will that we can resolve our differences with reasoning.  I don’t have to be right in all instances or causes, reasoning prevails.  The acceptance that my idea may not be right.  There’s a better idea out there on whatever issue is floating by.  And why do we have to hate revert to violence because of a difference???  That doesn’t solve anything.  It breeds itself when it wins.

Don’t let it win!  Don’t let violence win, don’t let hate win!

Why would people choose violence over peace?  It seems that the greater effort is peace.  Is that because violence and hatred is natural?

That deserted island is becoming more appealing……

Peace, love, and beaches,


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