I’m Revisiting Places For The Next 6 Weeks

I’m Revisiting Places For The Next 6 Weeks

I’m revisiting places.

For the next 6 weeks, I’ll be revisiting some of my favorite places…….it started for me last night, but that really doesn’t count.

Why revisit?  Other than they are my favorite places, my daughter and 2 grandkids arrive today.  My daughter stays for a week……that will be a fast week.  The 2 grandkids will be staying until July 19th.  That’s Max’s birthday. And that’s when we bring them both back home to south Louisiana.

I’m not very fond of South Louisiana, even though that’s where I grew up……I love my Florida home. Well, my former Florida home.

Other than revisiting some of my favorite places here…….which I do anyway. I’ll be revisiting with a different eye.  Yeah, I’m gonna re-explore these places looking a little different at their beauty and character. There’s gonna be a few new places too!  And of course here in Puerto Aventuras.

I’m gonna listen to the questions and remarks of my grandkids on what they see and experience. That’s gonna be a ‘biggie’ for me.

I think too often no matter where we live, we tend to at some point under-appreciate our surroundings.  And if you’re like me, you live where you want to live….do what you want to do.  Because you want to be happy.

I’m happy.

I’m Revisiting Places For The Next 6 Weeks

Get this…….some of the places we’ll ‘revisit’ are spelled rather simple but the pronunciation is challenging. I’ll do my earnest best to get that right….but since this is just writing, I’ll make sure I spell the places correctly.

You’re not gonna believe this but the furthest north I’ve been is to the airport in Cancun (I can’t go further north than Cancun….on land that is).  I’ve not visited Cancun yet……..it’s a major tourist stop.  We’ll see, I think my daughter wants to visit Cancun.

I’ll try not and bore you with the same experience.  That’s the goal.  See it differently.  You can do that too, from where you’re at……re-acquaint yourself with where you live. See it with a different eye.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the experience.  Seeing the same thing differently.

I’m Revisiting Places For The Next 6 Weeks

I’m gonna listen to the comments that my daughter and grandkids make. Experience thru their curiosity.

I don’t think we do that much, if at all.  Experience something thru another’s curiosity.  That’s not only challenging, but it’s fun.  Just the idea is engaging!

How do I plan on seeing familiar places with a different eye?  I’m gonna look at the not-so-obvious and listen to what others say……..  That’ll crank up my curiosity. Sometimes, it’s the simple stuff that becomes the most meaningful……and it’s easily overlooked.

Looking for fun, that’s not a bad way to spend any moment.

The challenge I have is writing of my travels when I’m stationary.  But, my stationary is so enjoyable.  I thought just the other day that my blog isn’t much of a ‘how to’ as so many blogs are, it’s just me enjoying my life where I’m at.

The silly thing (and it’s the Caribbean, okay) is that I’m not wanting to be stationary.  I don’t want to fall in love with here! (For some odd reason I want to fall in love with Italy and live out my remaining days there!  Silly, huh?)  I just don’t want to hunker down for the rest of my life in this magnificent place.  Being in one place……I believe people (including me, I’m a people), take for granted where they live. The surroundings no longer are magical, they become the ordinary. I don’t like ordinary.

I’m Revisiting Places For The Next 6 Weeks

Heaven would become ordinary for me.  That’s why I have to see and experience my surroundings thru a different eye……anew.

I’ll try my hardest to give you some insight on my renewal of interest and experience here in the Riviera Maya.

Thus far, I’ve said a lot of nothing…..I hope it was interesting.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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