Revisiting…..So Where Do I Start

Revisiting…..So Where Do I Start

Revisiting, Mayan Riviera, some of the places I’ve trekked through since getting here……and there will be some new ones along the way.  So, where do I start??

There are so many places that lure me in…….yes, even the ones that don’t have bars.  I have a cooler backpack so my beer is rather portable!  Hehehehehe……

But……it’s the Caribbean beaches and shopping that will be my focus along with some of my familiar cuisine stops and something new maybe.  Like maybe a full meal of pulpo (octopus)??

I know my granddaughter Keira will love it all!  Beaches and shopping, 10 years old and a beauty!!  She will fit right in as a Caribbean queen……soft silky skin accompanied by a radiant smile.  Yeah, she’ll fit right in.  Yesterday I began giving her a bit of a heads-up on shopping.  She’s ready to shop, I just don’t want her to spend it all in the first place.  So she’s learning the value of the dollar to peso….looking for the price and know that the next shop is going to have that item or a similar one.

She’s ready…..

Max…..Max loves the sand and the water. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich is just fine for him.

2 grandkids, 6 weeks in a tropical paradise, I’m really glad I’ve got around and got to know a lot of places here.

Looks like X’cacel will be the first visit of the day……trying to do 2 today.  So X’cacel is first (after a quick run to the Centro area of Puerto Aventuras for a quick tour.

Beverages are in the fridge chilling, snacks are packed.  Now, I’m just waiting for them to wake and greet the day! It’s gonna be FAB!!

Revisiting…..So Where Do I Start

X’cacel beach. It’s a hidden beach…..a short drive thru the jungle to the Caribbean shore. White powder like sand, crystal blue waters accompanied by a magnificent blue sky.  It’s a WOW sight!

Revisiting, Mayan Riviera.

I’ll give you the details and some photos here tomorrow.

So, what else?  Xpu-Ha?  Probably so…….just seems right and it’s probably not that crowded at this time of the year, but as I’m writing this…..I’m changing my mind.  I think a detour to the pueblo of Chemuyil might be a nice glimpse of local life here.  Plus I know a few people around there.

Here’s a cave right outside of Chemuyil.

About time to get the crew up to start the day……see ya back here tomorrow with a day worth of experience.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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