I’m Patting Myself On The Back

I’m Patting Myself On The Back

That’s right…I’m patting myself on the back today.

I’m having some struggles and I need the encouragement.  In my life, it has always been that I don’t have those that encourage me, so I’ve taken that on a long time ago.  It works.  I’m good at encouraging people, so why not me, encourage me.

So, I’m doing a bit of recent accomplishment reviewing.

A good place to start is graduating from College!!  Yep, I are a college graduate. I don’t recall the year (I’m not a big fan on remembering dates and such) but I do know that I was in my 50’s when I did graduate.  I hold a degree in Health Information Management.

This was one way of taking part in the healthcare system without having to touch anybody, see any body parts (there were exceptions), see any blood or other body parts, or hear any cries or screams.  Yeah, I can do this.

School has always been a challenge to me.  I have such a short attention span.  I think I do well, I just have to work harder than most people.  That’s where the pride comes in……I work harder to get what I want.  It takes a lot of energy.  I probably spend 3 times the time and effort that the usual student spends.

I’ll never forget the moment I decided to get a college education.  I was managing a large retail outlet and I had a customer encounter.  Not a bad one, just one that got me to thinking.  The customer was proudly talking about the degree and what it meant.  At that moment……I thought to myself if this person can go to college and graduate, so can I.

So I did.

I’m Patting Myself On The Back


I wrote, arranged, copyrighted and published, engineered, and mixed my first and only CD thus far.  Yeah, it’s a tad sloppy here and there……but I did it.  I put it out, wore my heart on my sleeve and accepted any kindness that was afforded my effort along with the accompanying criticism.  I did it, it was and is mine and sort of like a wayward child….still loved.

There were timing issues, weak story verses, an odd arrangement or two, some darn pretty good hooks, and some really, really good bridges and a few non-flattering photos of me.

But, I did it all.  Me!  I played all the instruments, wrote all the words, sang all the vocals…….me, just little ole me, I did it all. I did some things well, others not so well.

So, I accept to good with the bad.  A wonderful experience. There was a big learning curve for me.

There was no fanfare when I released it.  I didn’t have a website, I didn’t understand how to build and use a website effectively enough to invest.  I did have a MySpace site though and I also tried some other website promotion schemes and that sort……I’m not sure any of those exist anymore.

A lot of pride went into that CD.  I feel better about it today than I did when I accepted it’s obvious shortcomings.

Since then my inner critic has been my downfall. Now, I’m embarking on another project (perhaps two….lots of good content written) knowing that I’ve done it before and that I can do it again.

The only person that can stop me is me.

I’ve got work to do!!  Good time work!

I’m Patting Myself On The Back

I did this…..

I quite the job that I got the degree for and moved to Mexico.

Crazy huh!

I had seen where friends like in Europe and the U.K. would take out on extended leaves for holidays.  I was jealous, I wanted to do the same…..or more.

The question that kept coming to my mind was…..how.  I wasn’t independently wealthy, I didn’t have a lot of money stack up in a bank, I had used a nice chunk of my retirement on my house and a few huge debts, how could I possibly travel.

There was the house note to pay, all the utilities (I had a ridiculous electric bill, probably due to liking the house open), a car note and no foreseeable windfall in the future.

In the face of all my obstacles, a plan was hatched.  Sell my house, pay off my bills, quite my job and move to Mexico.


I did just that.  And I sold the house without a realtor and I did it in about 24 hours.  No price haggling,

That’s major kudos!

I think just looking at what I wrote you would have to recognize that I didn’t take what would seem to be an established pattern to accomplish my goal. None of it is logical, sensible, or realistic for that matter.  Yet, that’s exactly what was done!

Logic would tell me that I can’t quit my job, sell my house without a realtor, and move to Mexico!  It’s just not logical or sensible.

I’ve never been one to run with the crowd.

Yeah, I’m a bit jealous of the people that didn’t need to sell their house to afford to travel.  But, I did what I had to do.

I’m Patting Myself On The Back

I built my own websites.

That’s a BIG deal for me.  I’m not tech savvy.  And I went thru a lot of frustration with different platforms to build my websites.

Using that little freebie that all hosting companies make available wasn’t enough……very little versatility. And I didn’t and still don’t know computer coding.

I’ve 2 websites…… http://www.peaceloveandbeaches.com   and   http://www.johngaudetmusic.com   And I’ve done everything myself on these 2 sites.  I can and will improve.  I’ve a rudimentary understanding of the concept so as long as I’m building on that understanding I’ll improve.

I can now communicate myself to the world via my websites!!

So, I’m patting myself on my back today…..pat, pat, pat.  It’s what I need.

Writing and music is my world since I no longer have a house or a job to tend to……that’s not such a bad thing.

It’s what I do.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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