I Took The Day Off, Because I Could

I Took The Day Off Because I Could

That’s right.  I took the day off because I could.

Day off from what???  I’m retired!!!  Did I take the day off from ‘retirement’?

Somedays I do very little.  And that may be too much.

Today I did less than nothing.  Oh!  I did play a computer game with my grandson.  He’s 7, smart as a whip too!  He knows his way around a computer and a computer game.  He likes the games at http://www.pbskids.org .  Neat little games……the games are there to help the kids learn. It took me an hour to figure that out.

But back to me taking the day off.

I just didn’t want to do anything that I normally did.  So, I didn’t do the normal things……I just didn’t do.  I didn’t read much, I stayed away from any news, social media, eating……the things I normally do.

I’m not sure if I found that rewarding.

Perhaps I should have done more less to have enjoyed doing less more.  Just a passing thought.  I might not do much more today than I did yesterday.

Honestly, I’m wrestling with something that I shouldn’t be wrestling with and that’s just not fun.  It’s sucking the fun and pleasure out of my life in paradise.  But!!!!!   That I’ll cover in another blog.  It’ll be a good time for me to vent.  It’s actually an interesting look at the way people treat others that’s completely unnecessary.  The fruit of their cowardliness.

So, I took the day off.

I didn’t take any pictures, go on any walks, go to the beach, eat any tamales, drink any tequila, drink any rum……you get the picture?

I Took The Day Off Because I Could

So, how do I make my uselessness interesting?  That’s a challenge.  I’m glad I’m not writing this blog yesterday….since I took the day off.  HA!!!  Maybe my blog was actually the day off!!!  Get it!!  Let me see……yep, I actually people reading my blog that I didn’t write!  How about that!!

One thing that I did do that I normally do is take my siesta.  It didn’t last long.  My granddaughter who is spending 6 weeks here had an event, it was here first such event and I had to rush to the store and try to communicate in my limited Espanol the urgency of what I needed to find.  I think the clerks were laughing at me.

I did eventually return to my siesta.  Got in a few winks before my grandson wanted to explain about this waterpark in Texas he wants to take me to.  I’m thinking I was supposed to pay too.

I Took The Day Off Because I Could

I did have the workings of 3 new songs that caught my attention, but because I took the day off yesterday I didn’t get carried away.  On the way to the store my grandson was pulling unmarked CD’s to listen to…..he was looking for ‘No More Mondays’ (you can download a FREE copy of ‘No More Mondays’ here; http://johngaudetmusic.com/musicpreview. There are a few other songs there you can listen to, just not download.  If the free download doesn’t work from that page please go to the store it’s FREE there too.

Back to the CDs with my grandson.  He pulled this CD and put it in the player…..  It was a ballad I had written that I really loved (folks in Nashville panned it) and I wanted to work on it for my next CD release!  Shazam! He found it for me, so there was no effort on my part…….is was still my day off.

I did think briefly…..very briefly about writing a blog on my music website http://www.johngaudetmusic.com but within no effort, that idea went away.

I didn’t even think about getting my act together or that I was wasting valuable time.  That would have taken entirely too much effort and I was having none of that!

That was a good day.  Now I’m back to the grind of retirement.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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