Five (5) Ways To A Better Day

Five (5) Ways To A Better Day

We all can do something that will change the direction of our day…..  I like changing my days for the better.  It’s really simple to do, anyone can do it! We can make our life a better day, everyday.

  1. Think Good Thoughts.  I told you this was simple.  But sometimes the simple is difficult to do.  You ever know when you should be doing something but you’re mentally lazy, at least at that moment and just thinking is a chore.  You simply want to cave in to whatever is happening. And that’s the most powerful time to take charge.  I like to do this by putting my mind in motion.  I try not and get absorbed by the negative…….like, if it’s a problem, then what is the solution and I put my mental energies there.  No doubt, it’s tough. But the alternative is even tougher with its consequences. This is my battle ground that I win the majority of the time. And that’s what I want, to win the majority of the time. I want to build on those wins to squeeze out the times that I fall short. So, think good thoughts, it’s worth the time and effort.
  2. Find A Reason To Smile. Our continence says a lot about us and how others interact with us. Attracing people of like mind is important. Instead of being sad, put a smile on and attract people that find the pleasantness of a happy and optimistic person.  This in time of need is a very good support system.  Everyone knows people can’t be happy and smiling 100% of the time, but being around others that are can shorten the down time and give us that much needed boost.  If we surrounded by sadsacks and people with a poor outlook we’re gonna get stuck right there. And probably curse the day……everyday.
  3. Invest Your Time Doing What You Want To Do.  It may seem difficult, but it is easier than you may think.  Like this.  I you ‘want’ to travel……start off by taking a short trip where you live. Find something interesting about an area and go explore for the day. Pack your lunch, beverages and wear proper clothing for comfort on your adventure. If it’s music…..start by visiting local music equipment stores and ask questions.  Can’t afford what’s on the shelf?  Look for the instore billboard with used equipment, ask the salesperson if there is any used equipment available. Do you have a friend that no longer plays their instrument?  See if you can borrow or buy maybe on a comfortable monthly payment schedule. Check the internet music sites. Do you want to be a writer? Start by doing some research, keep an open mind and explore all options. Perhaps you won’t start out with a 900 page tome. Maybe a how to book.  Something simple and rewarding.  Invest your time doing what you want to do.
  4. Quit Repeating What Gets You The Same Results.  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein.  Can you relate to that?  Here’s a bit something else to get some thinking going on.  Are we doing what we want or just accepting what’s available?  Ouch!  Me, for so long just accepted what’s available.  It was the path of least resistance……had the most company……and it really didn’t demand much of me other than to do as I was told.  Do I struggle with doing something different?  Yep!  Those struggles is what I refer to as ‘adventure’.  Those struggles actually give me things to write about. Quit repeating what gets you the same results.
  5. Show Up Everyday!  What the hell does that mean? If you’re engaged in doing something that you dread, you’re not inclined to give your absolute best.  That’s just the way it is and trying to convince yourself is nothing but a lie.  So how do we show up everyday?  While doing what you don’t really want to do……find the aspect of what you like about what you do and nurture that, see how it can have a positive effect on the other aspects that aren’t to your liking.  Meanwhile see #3 above and plan accordingly.

That’s my starter kit for a better day.  I’ve more stuff that I work in there……I just thought these might be something that’s easily adapted to life.  There’s no program that will help you unless you help yourself.

Whatever it is that press us, disappoints, discourages…….will pass.

We can make our life a better day, everyday.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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