This Is The Way I Want It To Happen

This Is The Way I Want It To Happen

I’m sure we’ve all said this at various times in our lives about how we wanted certain outcomes in certain situations or certain efforts.  I know I have.  For the record, I’ve been wrong more often than I’ve been right.  But, I still engage with this in mind and I honestly believe my rate of success has improved.  This is the way I want it to happen.

There’s nothing wrong with letting an intention be known.  Nothing wrong with exercising the muscle of optimism.  As a matter of ‘fact’, we should as to try and get the best or desirable results from our efforts in life.  If not were doomed to the results of fatalism.

Fatalism is an unrecognized disease that has very uncomfortable signs and symptoms resulting in really bad moments in life.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  And once again, it’s unrecognized by the carrier……they think it’s just part of life.  The way things are supposed to be.  Accepted.

How do they know they have a disease that they don’t recognize?  That’s hard.  They don’t tend to listen to those around them that do recognize the signs and symptoms and they inherently don’t take advice even when they ask for advice!  They are stuck with fatalism and don’t even know it, they don’t realize that it can be treated…….not easily, as it is ingrained in their mind but it is treatable.

The fatalist will say that they were hoping for a good outcome.  But have you ever heard a fatalist use the word ‘hope’?  It’s like they really are at the bottom looking up knowing there’s no way that something good is gonna happen.

I was that way.

This Is The Way I Want It To Happen

As I said…..I too was that way.

I’m no longer that way…..and there really wasn’t any magic.

One of the most harmful things to do with a person that is a fatalist is to feel sorry for them.  You only enable them to be more fatalistic, hopeless.  You’re not being compassionate and you’re surely not helping them.  And remember they aren’t good at heeding advice.

There’s one of two things that need to happen to lift them out of their quagmire.

  1. They need someone to take their hand and walk them through their darkness methodically.  Step by step walk with them to achieve a desired outcome.
  2. They need a moment of Magic Revelation.  No one is giving that to them and no one is gonna do it for them.

Perhaps that seems too simple and too harsh but remember……they aren’t good at taking advice.  They feel they are condemned to the life they live, no other option is available.  They are left to the 2 options above and the ‘Magic Revelation’ is unknowingly in the realm of possiblity.  For them it just takes the thought of I’ll do things a bit differently and then build on it.  But, your advice is about out of the realm of probabilty.  That will come from a positive act of desperation.  The other option is not giving an opinion or advice but putting a plan together with them and executing that plan together.

This may sound odd to whoever reads this…..but I do a lot of ‘mental gymnastics’.  Yeah, I’ll take on idea and I’ll look into the future and see what obstacles I may encounter.  Then I’ll work my way mentally through those obstacles. And the additional obstacles that the process brings up.  Prepares me.

This Is The Way I Want It To Happen

So where did all this come from?  Why would I be writing about ‘this is the way I want it to happen’.  Partially because I believe it to be true.  But, I have an outcome that I’m looking into as of recently.  And I’ve thought that ‘this is the way I want it to happen’.  And why not?

I don’t believe the average person takes a moment to contemplate the outcome of what I’m looking into.  I’m not stressed or consumed by the issue, only attempting to design the outcome.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

But, it’s what I’m asking of that is the oddity.

Only this outcome doesn’t require an effort on my part, for that I’m grateful.  It would be sick to work towards the outcome.

So…… at some distant point in the future, real distant too. This is the way I want it to happen.

I want to die in my sleep.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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