I’ve Done A Lot Wrong With This Traveling

I’ve Done A Lot Wrong With This Traveling

As in most cases, you never know what you’re doing wrong until you’ve done it.  Genius!!  I’ve Done A Lot Wrong With This Traveling and I wouldn’t have known unless I’d done it.  You’ll probably do the same in whatever you want to do unless you don’t do what you want to do.

I did a lot of research before embarking on my first adventure…..and while I expected to have a few hiccups along the way, I didn’t know how many or the gravity of the hiccups.  Hiccups being mistakes.

I mean, everything was being analyzed all the way to driving across the border to Mexico!  And it didn’t take but a 17-kilometer drive to arrive at my first mistake.

Understand…….there’s no one to clue you.  The individual in front of you has the responsibility for one job and one job only.  They do that one job.  They aren’t much helpful about anything else involved and that isn’t necessarily because they don’t want to be, it’s just that they are trained to do their job….that’s it not the ancillary issues that are important to me.  It’s taken me a long time to come to grips with that.   It’s not their fault.

The first thing that needed to be done after crossing the border was in our case because we were applying for Temporary Residence was to have the passport properly tended to.  That wasn’t too difficult.  Although finding the place was an adventure thru the winding cobbled narrow streets to find the place.  Everything for a foreigner to do is in this building.  So after inquiring about the Temporary Import Permit (TIP) we came away with we’ll be fine and take care of it later.

I’ve Done A Lot Wrong With This Traveling

At 17 kilometers I’m stopped by the Federal Policia and through a lot of struggling to understand realized we had to turn around and get the TIP before going any further.  I thought I had that as an understanding during my 5 years of research and I just blew it.

Back to the terminal for foreigners.  Back to the passport guy.  He sought help, we walked about 30 feet from his position and got the TIP.  Viola!  Success.  More on this later.

Once crossing the border there’s a 30 day period to file for the Temporary Residence, not attain…..just apply.  I’m thinking to attain. It took 5 more days of driving to arrive at our destination and find out where the office was for the Temporary Residence.

This should be simple.  It’s not.  Too much misinformation thru the expat sites.  Not intentionally.  It seems that everyone has a different experience with this and other processes here in Mexico.

Once the office is found, I get the much-needed help from my new friend Nolan. Nolan is Canadian, good man and I consider a good friend.  The man has more patience than anybody I’ve ever come across in my entire life. Great spirit about him.

Minor mistakes are made and I discover at that time that I don’t have to have the Temporary Residence card in hand to comply with the 30 day period, just had to have started the process.  If I hadn’t I’d have to go back to the states and start that process all over or leave every 6 months for 3 days.

So, it sometime in November that I could officially say I was a Temporary Residence of Mexico.  And a proud moment it was.  Something beyond my simple life, adventurous and different.  That card is my identification.

I’ve Done A Lot Wrong With This Traveling

But, a little important something was tended to during this Temporary Residence process that is haunting me 8 months later.  Overlooked?  Yeah.  But, I didn’t know.  The Temporary Import Permit is good for only 30 days (it cost me a refundable $400 plus) and you either renew it or turn it in……which one for why I’m not sure of yet.  If I don’t take care of my TIP within the 30 days I forfeit my now no longer refundable $400 plus.  That’s the rules.  I failed and didn’t do it and I understand.

Now what?  Well, there are different stories.  If I live the state I’m living in without remedying this TIP problem….. I can be fined, jailed, or have my car confiscated.  I’m not for either of those options.  There’s a squeeze play on this as it takes a major expense to the title that car (naturalizing) in Mexico.  It seems they prefer the foreigner to buy Mexican.  Perhaps President Trump is on to something with buy America.

Anyway.  Getting info from the expats Facebook sites is useless.  So, since the mid of November I’ve been dogging government websites for information, then I went to the travel advice sites, and then with some fresh eyes I’ve gone back to the Mexican government websites.  Viola!!  I found the link!!  Feeling really good.

I contact the link via email in Espanol.  After about 10 days they hand me off to another office in the government for resolution. I’ve been thru this before, it takes a lot of patience and time.  So I send the same email to this office.  2 weeks later, no answer.  I resubmit my initial query stating it’s my second attempt.  2 weeks later, no answer.  Next, I recontact the first government office asking for assistance. I’m waiting.

I’ve Done A Lot Wrong With This Traveling

Meanwhile, I’ve got a new country to explore, native cuisine, history, lots of adventure which I’ve been engaged in since getting here.  So I have 3 more months to solve the TIP problem.  I can do this.

I realize one day.  I’ve seen most everything I’ve wanted to see on the coast and done most everything I wanted to do.  I’ve got a lease thru November.

Here’s another problem I didn’t foresee.

I really didn’t want to be locked down in one area for 14 months!!  I’m done.  I’m ready for some more exploring!   I didn’t know I didn’t want to be locked down long term.  I do feel restricted and I want to go other places but I can’t with this long term lease.  And that brings up a small issue.  I brought too much stuff with me to be as mobile as I want to be.

Feeling me??  Do you??  I want to travel, but it’s like I’ve put down stakes and I can’t.

I’m now in the process of revising my traveling options and methods.  I’ve got time for more research and asking myself some tough and easy questions.  It’s a continuous learning process.

I think I’ll probably do more wrong stuff too, I just chalk it up as part of the adventure.  But just the same, I’m gonna try and sharpen my travel skills and see what is it I really want.

I’ve Done A Lot Wrong With This Traveling…

Now, to find out how to get my car out of the country……

Peace, love, and beaches,


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