Back To Tulum Shopping With Grandkids

Back To Tulum Shopping With Grandkids

That’s right, back to Tulum shopping with grandkids. I’ll use any excuse to go to Tulum and shop.  Not that I need one, I just like to shop and I like Tulum.

I know this is gonna sound odd to many of you but I’ve been on the prowl for a skull.  I want to buy a skull.  Not just any skull though.  I have a specific type of skull I want to buy for a specific purpose.  You’ll have to follow me here.

Skulls and skeletons are a BIG deal down here in this part of Mexico.  I’m not quite sure as to the reason(s) but I am curious.

At first, I was taken back by all the skeletons and skulls found around here.  There are sections in the local stores set-up just for the various sizes and designs of skulls.  Some quite artfully done too!  Some are bedazzled!!

I’m not shopping for a bedazzled one!

Now, I don’t want a simple skull….or anything too plain.  But I want one done with some tasteful art and some designed holes in the head.  I’ve sort of got it narrowed down with the basic color being while.  More on that shortly.

The problem with buying one is that the shop owners put a premium on those skulls.  For instance, yesterday in this shop with some rather nice skulls (a lot bedazzled) the owner could tell that I was interested.  It’s off-season and deals abound.  It seems that most places have pulled the prices off their products and inched up on their asking prices to all them more negotiating room.  I asked how much does it cost?  $900 pesos!!!  HA!  $900 pesos!  That roughly $50 U.S.  But wait, it gets better, he says $65 U.S.!!!

Back To Tulum Shopping With Grandkids

I’m thinking I must look stupid.  Next, the shop owner tells me that just for me he’ll sell it for $600 pesos.  That’s a tad over $33 U.S.  I told him no thanks (the highest before this guy was $450 pesos).  Then he says he’ll sell it half off the original price……he’s down to $450 pesos, $25 U.S.  I politely tell him no thanks.  Then he says…..”How much will you give me for it?”  I told him ‘no’.  No thanks.

Why wouldn’t I put an offer in?  I didn’t want to spend the remainder of my day in his shop with him trying to sell me other stuff knowing he knows how to get in my pocket.  Been there, done that.  They won’t let you go.  I have my ways.  Besides I’ve been looking for months now and I can wait a little longer.

Each shop that I go into, I’m on a mission to buy my skull.

There was a store about a month back that had the skull I wanted, and I didn’t balk at the price…..yet I didn’t buy it.  It missed out on one important design flaw, no hole in the bottom to put my tea candle in.  That reminds me, I need to find some tea candles.  Things that are plentiful in the U.S. can be rare here.  I need to start looking for the tea candles.

By the way my granddaughter bought a woven jacket…..lovely. For less than $15 U.S.  It’ll last her a long, long time.  She also bought a yin yang necklace similar to mine.  My grandson got a Mayan calendar necklace and another hand fan.  I’m not so sure what’s up with him and hand fans, that’s 2 so far.  But they come in handy walking in the sweltering heat.  

Back To Tulum Shopping With Grandkids

I saw a peace bracelet that I wanted but didn’t make my way back to the store.  Next time.  I’ll be back.

Back to my skull.  Every shop, every shop I’m browsing thru the vast selection of skulls.  Then it happens.  Magic strikes and there it is and the price…….. $250 pesos, $13.91 U.S. since.  A nice lady shop owner.  Not trying to milk the last dollar out of an American……just trying to make a living.  Most cases, I leave them a tip too.


Mission accomplished!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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