4 Places I Found, There’s More But Here’s 4

4 Places I Found, There’s More But Here’s 4

When I get bored, I like to explore.  Here are 4 places I found that piqued my interest.  You may like them too. There’s also a website that promotes the most useless websites!  For real!  http://www.theuselessweb.com. Hands down the most useless websites (yes, there’s more than one, but you already knew that!) I was bored!

While there are many websites that caught my interest, I figured I keep it at 4.  And I thought of YOU!  You might like them a little.

So, here we go.

Oh, I’m not gonna number them because the page automatically indents and I don’t want to indent this morning.  Thanks for understanding.

http://www.heavens-above.com.  We’ll start here.  I like stargazing.  There is so much unknown and I like to let my mind wander thru the universe and be at play.

This website will allow you to change your observation location.  So, instead of Puerto Aventuras, Mexico….I can view the sky from Capetown, South Africa or Hong Kong, China.  There’s a navigation bar to the left.  And there are also topics that are covered such as the upcoming eclipse.

There’s an interactive 3D visualization satellite page……I’m playing around there right now.  I’m slow at this so, you’ll have to experience it yourself.

You’ll find a satellite database, spacecraft escaping the solar system, Hubble space telescope, and much more.  The one that caught my attention is the Amateur Radio Satellites!

Other than the satellite stuff that caught my interest there’s astronomy and a catch all….’miscellaneous’.  You can see the specifics listed under the heading.

A neat place to explore.  A casual interest will broaden your insights and create some new interests.  This is a good place to be.  I hope you enjoy!

4 Places I Found, There’s More But Here’s 4

Next!!  http://www.camelcamelcamel.com.  What the hell is that all about!!!

It’s a FREE Amazon.com price tracker.

Find the product you’re searching for a keyword related to the item you want to track and hit the search button. You can also create alerts for specific products notifying you of a price drop!  Time to buy!  I like to buy!  I do, and I do.

From gummy bears, go pro cameras, stockings, fishing gear, computers to the perfect gift for any occasion. This little jewel is free and easy to use.

Not much more to say here, it’s a really easy to use website.  And did I mention it’s FREE?

Moving right along to number 3.  Yeah, I’m leaving my favorite for last.  So, here’s number 3. http://www.unplugthetv.com  It’s a really cool site.  But not a lazy one.  Huh?  Well, you need to be attentive.   Here’s an example.  http://unplugthetv.com/page/3.

There’s a lot of curiosity to explore here…..that just happens to be the page I stopped on during this adventure. It’s a very diverse site……queuing the interest at a moments notice. http://unplugthetv.com/page/4 he’s a bright-eyed chap!

All you have to do is click the line below the video ‘I want to watch something else’ to change the video.  I’ve visited this jewel a few times and it keeps my attention.  Sometimes too much!

Remember, I have nowhere to be other than where I’m at right now.  Nothing else that’s demanding too much of my time.  So my curiosity gets a lot of attention.  I’ll have to do another of these because there is so much more.  Good stuff too, really good stuff.

How do I find these places?  Secrets my friend…..I must keep a few to myself.  But look at it like this, I save you time and trouble and introduce you to these awesome jewels.

4 Places I Found, There’s More But Here’s 4

Now for the final one of today.  And frankly, it’s my favorite of the day.  http://www.wtfsigfd.com, let me help you with this one.  I’ll even give you an example of my findings.  But first, let me re-write this website for you http://www.wherethefuckshouldigofordrinks.com.

Click it.  Pick a city.  Let’s meet up!

I was curious.  So, I picked a city…..Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.  I’ve friends there.  This is what I found. The Cougar Lounge located at 5 Womanby St. Cardiff CF10 1BR, United Kingdom.  I thought it canny.  It’s called ‘Cougar’ on Waman(by) Street.  Okay, so I’m easily entertained.

Here’s another look-up.  Well, that didn’t work.  It doesn’t put the new joint in the address bar.  But it was Cosy Club on 1 Hills St.

I did a search for here in Puerto Aventuras……evidently there are no places to drink here!  Nothing!

Saint Pete Beach…..Sand Dollar Bar.

Here’s one in Clearwater, Florida.  I’ve frequented this place a number of times.  ‘Palm Pavillion Beachside Grill and Bar.  I like it there, right on the beach.  If you’re ever near there, stop in and don’t mention my name…..they don’t know who the fuck I am.

That’s my favorite website right now……more to come later.

4 Places I found, there’s more but here’s 4.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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