Last Night I Watched Love & Mercy

Last Night I Watched Love & Mercy

Love & Mercy”, a true story based on Beach Boys, Brian Wilson…..I watched it last night.

I’d been wanting to see it for a long time, and finally, last night while looking through Amazon Prime I stumbled upon it.

Got lucky I guess because I wasn’t looking for it.  I was looking for a science fiction movie and I didn’t want to see a drama movie or anything with violence on it.

Then suddenly there it was.

While I wasn’t the ‘biggest’ Beach Boy fan, I did and do love good music.  Brian had a lot to offer.

I already knew much of the story, but what hit me was the abuse he endured from his doctor.  And I’m thinking they probably sugarcoated that aspect for the movie.  To me, the doctor had his professional license revoked and a restraining order against him was soft on crime.  Brian did have a mental issue, just not the one his doctor said he had and treated him for.

Watching Paul Dano portray a young Brian Wilson was unnerving.  Not that Paul’s portrayal was bad……it was just edgy.  Which I guess was the frightful life Brian was living.  I made me think a lot.  At the same time, I’m reading a book entitled “Super Brain: Unleashing The Explosive Power of The Mind to Maximize, Health, Happiness and Spiritual Well-Being” (Long title!).

Coupling Brian’s mental issues with his drug use made me want to holler at the screen for him to STOP!!!  But it was just the part of him trying to escape his unstable mental life.  Makes me wonder if it worked a bit…..his creativity seemed to have been super boosted!

Last Night I Watched Love & Mercy

The movie interweaves a young Brian played by Paul Dano and an older Brian played by John Cusack.  It’s a little tricky because it moves the movie out of continuity and brings the viewer, though a bit more personal to the instability that Brian dealt with day by day.  I’m thinking that was the intention on the interweaving.  It is a rather creative approach. Nothing new except that it’s more than just a flashback moment.

He was ridiculed by those closest to him and adored by those who saw the genius of his creativity.  I think that too was so hard for him to deal with…..

I can understand why this wasn’t a widely popular movie.  It is difficult to watch.  It’s not plotless and it doesn’t really end on that warm fuzzy feeling I was looking for.  But, the dynamics of Brian’s life is put on full display.

I particularly enjoyed the portrayed sessions of the recordings for ‘Pet Sounds’.  While in Nashville years back I visited the Musician’s Hall of Fame and a video was showing in an intimate viewing area of the same sessions with Brian working with the musicians that would be known as ‘The Wrecking Crew’.  Awesome!!

Last Night I Watched Love & Mercy

So, why am I writing this?  I’m not trying to give a review of the movie.  Nor am I trying to entice you to see the movie (it’s free to Amazon Prime Members).  I’m guessing with the coupling of the book I mentioned above and me adapting to a new phase of life I felt some relevance to the movie.  I tend to very intimate with my personal trials. I don’t run away.

Brian closes the movie with a recent (I’m sure current as of the filming) live rendition of “Love & Mercy” which is worth staying to the end for.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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