The Three-Pound Universe

The Three-Pound Universe

The three-pound universe??

Custom designed for you!

Your Brain!……It’s your Universe and you’re Creator of that Universe.

Your brain not only interprets the world around you, it also creates!  Everything you sense and it’s qualities are captured by your brain.  Everything you experience is customized specifically for you by your brain.  It’s been programmed by your parents, relatives, teachers, bosses, friends, idols, media personnel and YOU.

Everything is working together unknowingly to you to guide you and provide for you.  If you don’t like the results, YOU must reprogram to change your results.

Your expectations are born here…..

But who is in control of the three-pound universe… or the universe?  If it’s in control you are subject to whims.  If you’re in control it’s by design.

We don’t tend to think about our brain.  We put more time in thinking about our waistline.

Our brains are constantly active (I know that could be a debatable point with what we experience) very fluid not static.  Our brains contain about 100 billion nerve cells that form up to possibly a quadrillion connections known as ‘synapses’ in a constant state of remodeling.  The brain both interprets and creates our world. It’s our brain that provides the qualities we experience in life.

Our brain is a very dynamic workshop.  Sometimes, we leave it unattended for too long.  I’ve become convinced over the past few months that our lives could be dramatically altered with our understanding of how our brain works and just apply some reprogramming to get the results we desire.

Now, this isn’t a ‘how to’ blog posting.  That’s for you to explore.  Find the challenge in it and find your personal results.

Perhaps starting with a book.  Not one that’s too deep though.

The Three-Pound Universe

What gets me here is that I’m looking at doing some different stuff with my life and I don’t want to go down the same repetitive path of my past…….that’ll only get the same results.

I’m thinking in a not so weird of a way the creating of a new dynamic reality.  One that only a few have ventured into.  We don’t see past our experiences and just live there.  I’m thinking there’s a whole other life out there that’s easier to live than the standard way of achievement.  I’m the creature, why not create?

It’s where I’m at in my life right now.  At any moment I feel as if my back is against the wall forcing me to respond as I would have in my past but I resist, I say no.  And then I’m at ‘what now’!  Strange.

Do I think that anyone has the answer for me?  No.  That’s done by me.  That’s where the adventure and fun is.

Another thing that got me going on this brain thing is happening upon an article (really an advertisement) of a brain pill that ups an individual’s IQ.  When I read thru the results, I didn’t see where an IQ increased, but rather increases in productivity and sharpened thinking skills. The advertisement is a scam.  But what isn’t is an ingredient in the ‘pill’.

The Three-Pound Universe


Choline is used in treating depression, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, Huntington’s chorea, Tourette’s disease to name a few.  It promotes a healthy nervous system.

Choline is similar to the B vitamins. It can be made in the liver. It is also found in foods such as liver, muscle meats, fish, nuts, beans, peas, spinach, wheat germ, and eggs. So it is right there in our diets.  Or in a capsule from your local health food store.

Couple the choline with lecithin……around 400 mg twice daily and supposedly the brain quickens.  Now, I’ve got the lecithin, but I haven’t found the choline here in Mexico.  But I’m looking.  If any brain needs to be quickened, it’s mine!

This brain is the only one I get for this lifetime….unlike teeth.  And it’s this brain that shapes my future.  I want a big, bright, adventurous future.  It starts with me…..nourishing my brain, training it in the way it should operate.

I think things are simpler than we live out.  That’s what I want.  I don’t want anything to be too taxing on me. Everyday life……smooth.  Don’t tell me otherwise, that’s your life.

I think I need to stop.  I’m hearing the voice of the devil’s advocate, and that ain’t part of the plan.

So, I’ve got some reading and a body of water……the Caribbean waiting on me, patiently.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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