I Get A Bit Too Distracted

I Get A Bit Too Distracted

I don’t know about you, but I get a bit too distracted for my liking.

Too much social media, controversy, combativeness?  Too much misinformation?  And too much hate?  Too much too much!!!

It’s overload!

Much like a disease it just keeps spreading.  I don’t want to be part of a discombobulated systemic organism.  At least with its present form.

I see too much of a waste.  A waste of energy, purpose, and content……intent too.  And no, I’m not trying to sit on some high horse and dictate what should or shouldn’t be.  That’s not what I’m saying.  You see, I love the freedom that this life supports.  I just see it as a bit too narrow.

You may want to call me out on this…..but I feel it lacks honesty.  It’s not about what’s factual (I look this stuff up!), it’s what fits the mindset.  And opposition of truth has become a norm and frankly for me, that’s unacceptable.

Do I have any examples of what I’ve just stated?  No.  And why not?  Seems I offer myself as a bit of an example of what I’ve stated.  I don’t have an example because I’m no longer putting out the effort.  Go, look for yourself and do some digging.  Did something really happen?  Does something really exist?  What’s really so bad about an event or proclamation?  Dig in and find out!  You do it, I’m done!

Will I quit using social media?  No, I don’t think so.  I do see value there and I want to intentionally exploit the value for good.  Doing something for good doesn’t permit me to be rude, mean, hateful, or divisive.  I feel real good about that.

I Get A Bit Too Distracted

What I’ve done is taken action on my part to avoid the reading of much of what’s published in social media without being totally disengaged.  You’ll have to experience that for yourself, I’m not gonna go thru what I do.  What I do isn’t up for anyone’s vote or approval.

What I will tell you is that I schedule my social media interaction.  And that is on content that I’m interested in, not what’s going on in the news or the great debates.  That stuff takes me away from my life and the things I want to do.  That can’t happen anymore.

I no longer respond to people’s comments.  Well, down the path of unnecessary content.  If it makes you feel good that I didn’t respond…..odds are I didn’t read whatever you published.  I’m too busy doing what I really want to do to have paid that much attention to an opposition.

These are the things that capture my passion in a positive way; travel, adventure, experience, music, writing, jokes, peace, love, beaches (of course), laughter, reading positive and informative content articles and books. That’s a lot.  And that’s my life.  No room for anything else.  Well, there’s my yoga and my walks……I love my walks.

I tell you something else, as I’m writing this (or any) blog…..there’s edits (for lack of a better word) that tell me how I’m doing with the writing in real time (more than just grammar).  They are mere ‘suggestions’, the company trying to sell me their product.  There’s no specific error.  This is done by most of the Word Press ‘plugins’…..it’s how these developers make their money. But, I’ve found that I may not be wrong……it’s the guidelines they have in place intending to present a problem and they have the solutions.

I Get A Bit Too Distracted

I’m trying to constructively avoid some useless distraction.  That says there are useful distractions.  Useful distractions?  In the creative process, it’s a very dynamic atmosphere……..the happenings during that process are best described as ‘chaos’.  A lot of incidental discovering can take place that will lead to more creativity.  That can’t be ignored, it must be captured.  So, yes there is useful distractions.

I love the calmness I experience.  Social media isn’t a part of that calmness.

Here’s something I really enjoy about social media…….people that share their life experiences (I know who you are).  I’m not referring to religion, prayer chains, or 3rd generation experiences of a friend’s friend, gossip or lies.

I’ve distanced myself over the past 10 days for my benefit.  One thing I try to always tend to is personal messages and friend request.  If a friend responds to one of my postings and we share some of the same interests……I read their response.

One way I’ve distanced myself is to use automated posting apps.  I’m still gonna be saying the same things, I just no longer have to wait to share.  I log in my post to the apps, schedule their time and kick back with a nice cold adult beverage or wade around in the Caribbean.  BUT, I do still post spontaneous stuff and share some pics.

I get a bit too distracted and I’ve taken some positive steps to curtail that distraction.

I’m always around, I can be found.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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