Caught Me By Surprise…..

Caught Me By Surprise…..

The past 2 days have really caught me by surprise.  I’m at a loss!  I’m really not sure what to think, how to act, what to do…….dumbfounded.

I knew the first occasion was an eye opener, that was 3 days ago.  Then in a smaller, much smaller challenge yesterday has left me…..I don’t want to say depressed, but yesterday has me thinking.

This isn’t what I intended to write about.  What I was gonna write about was my experience in venturing into a cave and watching the bats while my grandkids swim in the cenote.  But, I’m a bit perplexed over these two occasions and felt that maybe it would be beneficial for me to write about it……like therapy.  And thru this I’d come up with a grand solution!

Oh, by the way……Caught Me By Surprise is also a song on my upcoming CD.  Just not about the same surprise.

This is really the least expected thing that I would have imagined.

Let’s go back 2 days ago.  For some odd reason, my grandkids love swimming in cenotes.  Not me.  That water is far too cold for me!  It’s like ice water!  In case you don’t know; a cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath.  Mayan’s built their villages near cenotes for their freshwater source.

I’m not there yet……hang on.

After they finished up swimming at this particular cenote, I wanted to head to the beach.  Keira wanted to make this walk to a small lighthouse on the point in Puerto Aventuras.  It’s not a real long walk.  That part isn’t the problem.  The problem, for me was all the huge boulders I had to negotiate!   

Caught Me By Surprise…..

I had to step up, then down, then way up.  I knew before I arrived at the little lighthouse that; 1) this wasn’t a good idea and 2) I’m in trouble.

On both points I was correct.

I did make it!  Here’s the proof!   Now for the getting back part.

Getting back took twice as long as getting there and it hurt!  Everything about it hurt!  Seriously hurt!  I was thinking at one point that it may take and emergency crew to get my ass off these boulders!  Then I lost my hat!  I can’t lose my hat!  So that took me even higher and lower on the boulders.

Keira, she was off the boulders about the time that I lost my hat and had to alter my path to a much harder path.  I had to take some serious long breaks!  Shortness of breath and a tight chest were my objects of concern.  But, I couldn’t embarrass myself!  I had to make it!  Even though it took me so long to do it!  Keira patiently watched and waited…..thank you.

When did this happen?  This physical struggle to do something that shouldn’t have been this rough!  When?

I made my way slowly back to the beach area and immediately stripped down and got in the water.  The chills I was getting told me I needed to go home.  But first I needed to relax my body, I still had to walk to my car.

Some things ain’t what they used to be.

Yesterday Max wanted to go to the beach where he saw a ‘bunch’ of fish!  It’s a rather neat little area at a private resort.  In Mexico no beach is private, all can be accessed.  So……here we go.

Caught Me By Surprise…..

I tried to get him to walk with me in the water around a short point to get to where the fish were.  It’s near a walk made from the limestone.   But, he didn’t like the idea of walking in the sea grass.  So, up on the beach and make our way the short distance of 50 feet maybe.

It really didn’t seem that difficult to step in the water……some large stones made like a little stairway from the beach into the water.

Let’s do this!  I can’t disappoint Max!  Max, by the way, is 6 years old.

I awkwardly make my way down the stones and then just intentionally fall forward into the water.  Refreshing!  Much more than the day before.  Evidently, this particular area has access to an underground river that feeds into the Caribbean.  I’ve experienced that once before.

So, I just enjoyed watching Max snorkel and getting excited about all the fish he was swimming among.  AWESOME!

Now……now what I thought was simple is another very challenging moment to me.  Getting out!  I had to climb these rocks to get on the beach.  While it didn’t appear to be daunting, it was with such that I had to ask a thin 6-year-old to give me a hand.  I eventually had to sit on the rocks for a bit and crawl out!!

You may be laughing….I was embarrassed!  Still am!  Those few rocks to climb kicked my butt!!

This really caught me by surprise!  Am I so weak and unconditioned that I struggle so greatly on those 2 days?  Is it simply because I’m overweight?

I’m a bit perplexed……

It’s those moments that I question what the hell am I doing out here!  Maybe I should just find a retirement home and sit my but there and wait on the grim reaper to come calling.

Caught Me By Surprise…..

The frustration of these 2 occasions on these past two days is taking its toll on me.  What do I do?

I am truly trying to digest this.

I am.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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