Evolution Part I

Evolution Part I

This is about traveling and more.  It’s my evolution…..

I’ve been staring at the ceiling for part of the past 2 hours, it’s 5 am right now.  I was also staring at my iPhone with the hopes of nodding back off to sleep.  As you can tell that didn’t happen.  I’m not rummaging thru any bad thoughts or depressed…..nothing like that.  But there’s something stirring about.

Wandering thru these thoughts I realized I didn’t expect to be living this long.  I recall in my 30’s thinking there’s not much left to this life…..just let it be.  Let it be?  Yeah, I didn’t consider change or adventure, I figured time was short, just let it be.

Boy, was I wrong!!

I’ve not had it bad.  I’ve done a lot of stuff that I wanted to do, well maybe I just thought I wanted to do.  Most people I know intimately can’t say that.  I feel fortunate that I can say that.


I think I’ve missed out on a lot.  I can’t go back and I don’t think I would want to if I could.  But what I can do from where I’m at in life is make some small changes that would improve my life and take me down another path of adventure.  That’s where my subtle thoughts were taking me this morning and why falling back asleep wasn’t on the agenda.

I recently made known my intentions of not replenishing my hard liquor.  Nothing perceivably wrong, just something that seems right at this time. Can’t possibly do any harm!!  Right?

So, I was lying there between the ceiling and my iPhone when some very innocent thoughts were gathering some synergy.  There was lots of clarity in those thoughts.  Thoughts to pursue.

Evolution Part I

At one stage in my life, I was very religious, but that’s no longer the case.  I’m more spiritual minded, I would say.

Besides, I’m not much interested in any religious structure in my life.  I am interested in me and a minimalist structure in entertaining that pursuit.  I’m actually seeing this as broadening of my life and my potentials.  That I find exciting this morning.

Hang on, I don’t want to bore anyone and I’m not gonna get all preachy with some ideology.

One thing is I want to change my idea and intent of some of my traveling.

It’s all about the pursuit of happiness and adventure.  I’m figuring on scaling down my personal indulgences and pique my curiosity of new discoveries.

I just had the experience of visiting with a Mexican/Mayan family in their home and not just observing them enjoying the opportunity to live within for that day.  There was a lot of laughter.  I guess that’s a common language.  Very little English on their part and even less Espanol on mine.  Something went past the barrier.  Lots of hugs too!

I was experiencing an adventure on the intimacy of life.  I just didn’t recognize it at that moment.

So, there I was spending intimate time with myself alternating stares at the ceiling and my iPhone.  The wheels of my thoughts began to turn.

I might say here that I’ve had some recent bouts of anger that disturb me.  And I fight that.  Life is so much better living in peace and harmony.  I feel like a soda pop commercial from the 70’s.

Some things that I used to do, I’ve forsaken and those things were simple and meaningful.  I feel the tug of those simple things this morning.

Where’s the evolution in that?

Evolution Part I

I guess I have a bad habit of continually re-evaluating myself.  I sort of expect more of myself.  Yet, allow obstacles to hinder my personal pursuit.

The dichotomy is I want my world to be about me and yet experience the world of others.

I think that, builds my world.

I’m here in Mexico.  And life is slower here.  I remember my visit to with the local family when they told me it would be another hour and 45 minutes before the tamales were ready thinking…….what!!!  Life is slower, no hurry, life is slower……enjoy.

A slower life can be a more enjoyable life and a more meaningful life.  Adventure doesn’t have to be fast!  Hurrying from one experience to another isn’t the definition of adventure.  There’s a lot of adventure overlooked from being in a hurry.

I tend to fight the slowdown of life in Mexico.  That leads to angst and frustration.  The beauty of an experience is found slowly and intimately.

So, other than trimming the booze, what else is there in this evolutionary moment.  Back to my meditation.  I also want to slow down on my yoga practice…..I seem to be racing to get and understand more when I’m really missing out.

More quiet.  And thru that quiet I want to refine my writing and my music.

That’s not a bad quest.

And you know what?  If I want a Bloody Mary for breakfast, I’ll have one!

There’s intimacy in my travels that I’ve overlooked…….I’m gonna enjoy that.

Peace, love, and beaches,


p.s. A haircut is due……

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