I Just Wing-It Everyday!

I Just Wing-It Everyday!

Yeah, that’s right, I just wing-it everyday.

It actually feels good and clumsy at the same time.  Silly, huh.  And I’ve spoiled myself to doing that…..don’t come around expecting me to do the same thing day in and day out.

I like to write.  So I spend a BIG part of my day exploring my imagination and my reality. Both are a lot different in the past 10 months.

Here’s a thought.  Retiring from work.  Do we take that same day to day structure and fill it in with things to busy ourselves or do we kick it’s ass out the door too?  Kick its ass!!!!  Just wing-it!

It’s not as easy as it sounds.  It’s a real struggle.  Something we look forward to but are trained to do otherwise.


It’s tough to get past it……structure that is.  We may fool ourselves just because it’s not he same activity. It’s slotted in some time of the day that other stuff was.  Is that good or bad?

I have a friend that stood me up for breakfast because his time is unplanned.  It didn’t hurt my feelings because I’m that way here!  Here being on the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

I had an older gentleman for a friend back in the state in the 80’s and 90’s.  He busied his retirement life with a schedule of doing for those less fortunate than himself. A large part of his motivation was like a penance for himself as he was a bad person and a hellraiser in his earlier life.  But everything was structured.

I Just Wing-It Everyday!

Now, I must say that when I visit back to Louisiana I must have a schedule.  I’m there for a brief time and the only way I’ll see and do is to block the time off.  I do that a bit unwillingly and if someone cancels on my it’s my time.  I like my time.

If I’ve planned a trip to Cozumel  for today, that’s cool but I don’t enjoy it as much as waking up and saying at the spur of the moment….”I’m going to Cozumel”!

No luck this morning.  I’ve an appointment.  I hate an appointment.  But, I’ve got to tend to some physical maintenance.  They don’t allow me just to pop in!!  Go figure.

Maybe I’ll just keep driving south on my way back to the condo and hit Tulum!!!  Enjoy ‘Best Fish Tacos on Earth’!

Then maybe I’ll just sleep in.  Lots of times I’m up way before the crack of dawn and around 7 am I’ll decide to take a siesta.  I’ll announce it on Facebook.  Some will make a comment that I’m missing out on the paradise I live in…….I’m not.

Maybe structure is good in some things. I know I need structure in a song.  That structure serves a lot of purpose that is intended for the listener.  So, I can see where structure would be good.

I Just Wing-It Everyday!


Having the same daily structure in my life that I had when I worked in a proper job environment doesn’t equate to a life of leisure to me.  Spur of the moment is a life of leisure to me.

And here I was 2 days ago working on plans for a European trip.  That’s structured.  But, I still leave a lot of room for meandering.  Structure is important for cost and the legal amount of time I can spend in each country.  I’m sure some will have more to offer than others and those plans will go out the window. If I have a window!

A key component in traveling (unless you are wealthy or like to carry a lot of debt) is scheduling when it’s less expensive and maybe just adjacent to a tourist hub rather than a tourist destination.  That’s structure.  I wish I had the wealth to just get up and go.  But, I can live with that sort of structure even though it’s uncomfortable because it’s a necessity.

Structure does make me uncomfortable.  I think it’s part of rebellious attitude carried over from my youth.  Get this!  I never did like being told when I should show up for work and punching a clock.  So, I did my darndest to avoid that and fortunately for me, I did a pretty good job of that.  I spent a lot of my time self-employed, other times found positions that presented a lot of freedom.  Don’t ask me how I did that!  Find out for yourself.  If you want it bad enough, you make it happen.

I’m thinking of maybe going down to ‘Xcatel’ later, nope I’m just gonna sit here.  Because I can.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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