Not All Travelers Are Created Equal

Not All Travelers Are Created Equal

That, ‘not all travelers are created equal’ isn’t a thought until you’re traveling and meeting people and find out how they do it.  And no one way is right…’s gotta be what’s right for me.  What’s right for you.

Not only are we not ‘created equal’, we may not discover the kind of traveler we are until we get out there and just do it.  You may read of someone’s traveling escapades and that’s the way it will be.  But, you won’t really know til you get out there.

I think, at least for me, it’s something you grow into.  I’m exploring and discovering…..a lot, things about myself and the aspects of travel.

Here’s one big thing I discovered about me and traveling…….I’m not much on staying in one place for a long length of time.  I can completely find what I want in the space of a month and take the next 60 days to take it in.

You may say it takes more than 90 days….I say perhaps for you, not for me.

Here’s something else…..this is a little off the cuff talking at the moment, I’ll try and bring it a bit together in a moment.  But if I book a flight from Cancun, Mexico to Lima, Peru in two weeks it’ll cost me $588 round trip…..if I book that trip one month later from New Orleans, Louisiana it’ll cost me $508 and from Tampa, Florida around the same date $360.

I chose those 3 places because I’ve live near each and have used their airports.

So what?  It no longer matters to me where I live.  That’s what I’m saying.  I thought I could travel cheaper from Mexico but that’s not necessarily true.

Not All Travelers Are Created Equal
I’m taking a closer look…..

I fooled myself into thinking it would be cheaper to fly anywhere I wanted from Cancun, Mexico and I found out I was wrong.

What I found out is that I needed to be more flexible.

Here’s what I’ve come away with in my first 10 months abroad and taking a couple trips.

    1. Be flexible.  I found that I don’t want to be in the Caribbean from mid-November thru much of May.  It’s their fluctuating ‘high season’.  I’m selfish, I like the place to myself. I live in a very beautiful quiet area until the tourist invade.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s population doesn’t rise anywhere to the level of my former home of St. Petersburg, Florida.  But that doesn’t pertain to just here. To visit Italy, France, and Spain I’d do better in the winter months…..their off-season.  So being flexible and researching is important.
    2. Where to stay.  I gotta stay somewhere!  Do I go to an all-inclusive, a locally owned hotel, an, campground, or a hostel?  It’s comfort versus cost.  That’s what it comes down to, but you can’t rule out experience either. I’m a bit older so ‘hostel’ is out of the question…..besides I’m a bit more private.  An all-inclusive would be the top tier, having most all my expenses covered, along with an assortment of tourist attractions provided (at an additional cost) would be the most attractive and expensive.  It’s also our of my budget. And while it is all-inclusive it is limited to what the resort makes available to me…….  Campgrounds….nope, not for me and I’m not interested in the adventure. I guess I’m a bit close minded there.  Locally owned hotels have fabulous service but possibly poor conditions., I’ve used this site with mixed but favorable results…..and it fits into my budgeting.  The longer you stay in one place the cheaper (in most situations) but if you stay long and it’s a dump you’ll be sorry.  Work that out to your advantage….stay short, move around, find the best, and stay longer.  The one I didn’t mention is ‘international hotels’ like Holiday Inn, Best Western, etc.  In Mexico, they provide the best value.

    1. How to get around.  There’s mopeds, car rentals, local and regional ground transportation, bicycles or walking.  Just do some careful research and pricing and you’re in control.  Here in Mexico, the taxis want your business but they really want to get in your pocket.  I like to use the ‘expat’ sites on Facebook as a resource.  Everyone’s experiences are different and so will be yours.  I brought my own car down to Mexico.  Not bad.  There’s good, bad and ugly as in anything.  Find what’s comfortable for you and proceed.
    2. Pack lightly!  Most place you go have all the personal toiletries so leave ’em behind.  The clothing, pack lightly……they sell clothes that are appropriate for their climate.  You don’t need several pairs of shoes!  Most place you will be able to do a wash either personally or for hire.  I like for hire……time-saving and very, very good.
    3. I made mistakes.  The currency was a challenge for me in Costa Rica, and I found that services, foods, and goods were the same value wise if not more expensive than the U.S.  That’s not necessarily a mistake…..not understanding the exchange is though.  Pay attention.

  1. Money!!!  We all need money.  What’s the best card to have for travel.  2 cards.  One with travel advantages and bonuses on mileage and that sort and then one with your personal bank.  Just go into your bank and speak with the branch manager or assistant manager and tell them what you’ll be doing (traveling) and where you’re going.  You’d be surprised at how helpful they are.  I have two accounts with my bank.  Why?  If something happens with one card, I’ve got another to retrieve cash.  I had an ATM keep my card.  My only card…..except for my brokerage account.  This cramped my style.  Talk to your bank.  When I leave the country I inform them (via the internet…yes, there’s the internet down here) of where I’m going.
  2. There’s more, much more…..consider travel learning to be very fluid.  I’ve just touched on a few of the broader and more obvious aspects.

Not All Travelers Are Created Equal

If you treat everything as an adventure with a story to be told, there is no real right or wrong.  Plan a little in advance for emergencies…..other than having access to cash abroad I had no Plan B.

You can’t foresee every little inconvenience.  If you’re waiting to iron out all the problems before you travel, you’ll never travel.

Experience is the best.  Not everyone’s experiences are going to be the same!  If you go by the worst that’s said in a situation, you’re gonna get the worst.  Personalize your experience. Write a journal to use as a reference.

I really didn’t expect to be this long winded.

There is, I’ve found no right or wrong way to live…….it’s considered an adventure.  Worst things can happen just staying the same.

Perhaps I should put an intimate accounting together of my experience.  After all, I’ve probably made more mistakes than most before me and most after me.  One BIG one yet unresolved!

Don’t try to fit someone’s experience as your own……make it your own.

Not All Travelers Are Created Equal.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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