I Haven’t Been There Yet!!

I Haven’t Been There Yet!!

That’s right!  I Haven’t Been There Yet!

So close, but for some reason, I haven’t gone.

Let me back up here for a moment.

Where haven’t I been yet?  Belize.

Just the name Belize seems so enchanting, a tropical paradise.

This was the first country I wanted to live in when I started doing my research for tropical retirement havens.  There was and still is something that tugs at me.  So, why haven’t I visited yet?  It’s about a 5-hour drive from here and I don’t even have to drive my car across another border.  There’s a ferry that I can take to Ambergris Caye!  From there I can ferry to the mainland.

Stories.  I keep getting stories.  Not many pretty ones at that.  The unknown factors (where the adventure is) is what keeps me away.  That’s really not a very good reason though.  It sort of flies in the face of what I say I’m here for!

What sort of stories?  Robberies, stolen cars, arrests, border crossing ambiguties, scams……and there’s probably a few I’m forgetting.

I’m thinking I need to overcome my hesitancy.  Make a simple plan and execute my simple plan….then, just simply have some fun!

I can do that.  Can’t I!  What’s the big deal, I drove 8 or 9 days much of that thru Mexico without much of a problem.  So, why not just do a little border crossing jaunt and have a really good time.

I like good times.  Good times are created with intention.  I can definitely come up with good intentions.  So…..what’s holding me back.  I mean other than my imaginary obstacles that others have perched in my way, what reason shouldn’t I go?

I Haven’t Been There Yet!!

Here’s a travel method, I could even take a bus ride and arrive there for midnight if I so chose.

This is the sort of thing I get angry with myself about….and I’m not sure of the hesitation.  I’m facing the reality of something…..things I want to do and now I’m being hesitant!!!  It makes no sense.  This isn’t a money issue…..I can afford to go to Belize.

Go and I’ll have a fabulous adventure and answer all my questions and kick my ass for not having gone before, meaning that I could have gone multiple times!

I’m working on this. I’ll take just bare necessities.  Use my Bacardi bag.  It’s small and insulated.  Swimming trunks, 2 shirts, the sandals on my feet, tooth brush, contact stuff (for my eyes), and maybe even a hair brush! Currency.  I need to check on currency.

The currency thing isn’t as simple as you might think.  They do take the U.S. Dollar, I just don’t have any. Everything I do is in pesos.  I’m sure they exchange those down there.  Don’t you think?  I mean this is the Mexican border!!

What am I missing out on?  There are ruins of the Mayan civilization there, there are colorful homes that invite the eyes, the blue warm waters of the Caribbean and the opportunity to engage another culture.  Just a brief description of what I’m missing…..there’s more, I’m sure.  But, I will be keeping it simple.

The first thing I’ll do is explore a few Airbnb’s, inquire among the hosts as what to expect.  I’ll even try and get some specific information concerning the border crossing and the safety of leaving my car in Mexico while ferrying to Belize.

Providing you a link to Ambergris Caye will better serve as to why to go and what I’m missing out on!  So, here….https://ambergriscaye.com/pages/town/island.html

I Haven’t Been There Yet!!

I must take my own advice!  Just go!  I can’t figure out all the ins and outs before I go and that would take away all the adventure.

You’ve talked me into it!

Right after I finish here, I’ll start planning a time and finding a place to stay.  Perhaps, I’ll even plan a subsequent trip like I’m doing for Costa Rica!  Lots to see in Costa Rica.  Pure Vida!

I must live what I say.  There’s no other way!

The trials and tribulations of a novice traveler.

Another adventure awaits!

Peace, love, and beaches,



    1. Thanks, Muriel.
      I was just thinking of going to Ambergris Caye for a few days. Are you familiar with the ferry from Mexico to Ambergris Caye?


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