I Got Bit By An Iguana!!

I Got Bit By An Iguana!!

I got bit by an iguana yesterday in Tulum at Mateo’s Restaurant!  And it did hurt!  Now I’m thinking that my toe modeling career may be in jeopardy.  Quit laughing!  I very loveable toes…….with a really keen disposition.

It was a bloody mess!!!

Here’s the story.

We had taken the grandkids to Tulum for the beach, a bite to eat and a little shopping.  After the beach, we hit Mateo’s….The Best Fish Tacos on Earth!   I like this place, it’s all outdoors and I found out it’s got 2 upper decks!!  The floors are rock and sand…….cool (the sign above is on the walk outside the restaurant.

As we sat I saw a friend of mine from Canada that does a lot of real estate stuff in Tulum and has a lovely seaside condo in Akumal with a breathtaking view.

Anyway, I went over and chatted briefly as he was engaged in a real estate conversation with 2 clients.  Afterward, he came over to the table and we shared a beer and chatted.  He noticed that my 2 grandkids were enchanted with a moderately sized iguana that had wandered its way around our table.  So he beckoned the iguana over with some of my food.  The kids were in awe!!  They aren’t very afraid of wildlife…..I think snakes and spiders, that’s about it.

I Got Bit By An Iguana!!

So, Todd was feeding this one off my left side and the little rascal loved the potatoes! Todd did his best to appease this big lizard’s appetite, but he couldn’t seem to get enough.  Todd grabs another piece of potato and it’s dangling a bit (from the potato skin), it’s right over my left big toe and the iguana sort of comes a bit closer to reach up when a morsel falls onto my toe.  Quick as lightening…..he chomped down, got it!!  And a piece of my toe!!

I could feel that tooth sink into my skin!  A rather serious bite!  It didn’t take long to have blood flowing rather briskly from my toe.  I was sort of stymied!  I’d never been bitten by an iguana!  It HURT!!

The restaurant jumped into action providing alcohol (the other kind) and hydrogen peroxide for the wound. The rest of the drinks were free….but I didn’t indulge.  Frankly, I was shocked!

Mateo’s is completely outdoors and has 2 decks above where sunrises and sunsets are the events of the day.  I like this place, it’s laid back and it just tugs at me.  Besides, those Fish Tacos are as advertised.  Keira got the chicken tacos.  Both grandkids talked me into having the Garlic Roasted Pulpo (Octopus!)!!!   They did taste it….I did too.  It was rather good, I’d have liked to have it cooked just a little bit more.  I did it for them, I don’t like the killing of these animals.  I sort of felt like I was eating a cartoon character.

Back to my iguana friend.  I was bleeding rather profusely and this attracted the iguana for more!!  He climbed right back onto my foot!!!  Hovering over the delicacy that was my toe!  How dare he (or maybe she)!

I Got Bit By An Iguana!!

Next came some antibacterial wipes that I secured around the toe as a bandage.  Still, the blood was oozing thru that!  Perhaps I should have elevated my foot over my head to reduce the flow of blood to the punctured appendage.

By this time, my day was done and I was ready to head back to the condo.  Max, he still wanted more fun!  He likes to get in the swimming pool with me, perch himself on my arms and swat at bugs that are on the surface of the water. It’s our thing together.  But, not in the cards for today……I’m not getting in the pool, I’m working on my toe. Can’t let it get infected.

Just now I started thinking about rabies.  I’ve not heard of iguanas being carriers though.  So, I’ll not imagine the worst.

Fortunately, I just stocked up on some antibiotics so that immediately goes on my daily menu.

This is Mexico.  Mexico has a lot of iguanas.  Now an iguana has part of me.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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