Big Brother Is Really Watching

Big Brother Is Really Watching

Big Brother is really watching.  This isn’t a statement of paranoia, this is a statement of fact.

It’s just that the government isn’t always directly involved.  They have a complying accomplice in social media.

It’s hard to believe that people are just so willing to give away parts of their lives in exchange for a specific level of entertainment.  There’s another word I’m looking for that escapes me at this moment (and when it comes to me I won’t change this) regarding meaningless activities(some little spinning toy) just to occupy people’s time.

Just what do I mean, ‘give away parts of their lives’?

I recently went on a search for a GPS Tracker. What happened after that was I began receiving ads on my social media sites for the GPS Tracker along with other sites like Yahoo, Amazon, news sites and various articles of interest.  I didn’t ask for this so, how come I’m being advertised to death for GPS trackers?

I’ll try and put this in it’s simplest form…….the search engines (small and large) are selling my data to companies that provide the product I’m looking for and all info beyond.  And I’ve willingly agreed to give them this information.

Sounds trivial, right?  Well, it’s not……there is other information that is captured and some of that information is personal.  Age, address, height, weight, sex, banking, search histories, interests, and things I probably can’t think of at this moment.

Big Brother Is Really Watching

It doesn’t have to be a search engine either.  On Facebook (and probably other social media sites) you give away personal information by doing a personal profile app (like ‘how or when you’ll die’)…they (the questionnaires) seem to be harmless and fun, but they are mining you and I for data.  This data is in turn sold. Oh, sometimes this ‘data’ is used to hack your accounts.  Don’t be too naive.

Laws to protect can be circumvented by domains acquired abroad where no or powerless privacy laws are abused.

Where does the government come in?

The government doesn’t have to invade our privacy directly…..they merely acquire this ‘data’ from social media organizations.  Some are paid for and some are mandated under laws the government tells us are in our best interest… protect us!!!  I’m sure you feel good about that one.  In our best interest.

Nothing is done suddenly, it’s all done incrementally.  One little phrase at a time.  Think, you can eat an elepahnt….one bite at a time over a long period of time.  That’s how it’s done.

I think ‘big brother’ is bigger than we think if we think at all.  We’ve come to accept certain things, feeling perhaps that we are powerless and must accept them.

We are distracted and misdirected by sensationalism!

One social media mogul wants the government to provide everyone with a basic salary.  What’s the price of that?  Who pays for it?  And how much of my life do I have to give to the government in exchange?  The answer to the last question is gonna be inconsequential to start…..but the price grows incrementally and the imprisonment of such a program is beyond our comprehension!

Big Brother Is Really Watching

I like what Albert Einstein said (a rather bright fellow), “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Think open-minded on this for a moment….remove your personal feeling (like or dislike) and contemplate what I’m about to say.

President Trump is not nearly as dangerous as you are lead to believe.  But our political system, news, and entertainment media is a danger to us…..they’ve mined the data that I’m speaking of and lead a willing audience to their conclusions. (p.s. I voted for neither of the leading presidential candidates, I’ve no horse in that race, dog in that hunt, etc).  President Trump has upset the previous norm and the powers that be don’t like it.  Yes, he is uncontrollable…..neither the politicians nor the new media can control him.  That is a good thing.

What’s the loudest and most consistent thing shouted repeatedly after you, you will fall prey to believing.  Don’t be fooled.

Our personal information is being captured right before our very eyes.Home Depot got hacked and all my personal information that I’ve provided for them on my credit application is now in the hands of someone with wayward intent.

Home Depot got hacked and all my personal information that I’ve provided for them on my credit application is now in the hands of someone with wayward intent.

Yahoo got hacked and my personal information was harvested by the perpetrators.  You know the information that I provide for them for security purposes (What city was I born in?  What’s my oldest siblings name? My birthdate…..etc.)

The list can go on and on and the hacks will continue.

Big brother has more eyes and more ways of watching than we can imagine…..sadly, some of the ways of data mining are unnoticeable just because of its comfort and familiarity to us.

The Mother of All Data Mining is Google.  One source we are all too familiar with and far to comfortable.  Nothing to take likely.  We don’t have to surrender to this type of ludicrous system!!

Change your Google Search to something like…. or something that is private that doesn’t outsource Google as their search master.  It’s not hard to find, just Google it.  Hehehehehe

Big Brother Is Really Watching

AH!!!!  Some sort of ‘spinning domaflotchy’……simpleton entertainment taking adult minds by storm.

If you don’t think the government is manipulating the reasoning process from a very fundamental aspect of society, consider schooling…..teaching the ‘Core Curriculum’ crap!!  Versus a simple 2+2=4 method…..more from Mr. Einstein, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

We as a country have become too accustomed to freely providing data…….that data is used to make decisions.  Don’t think that providing misleading data is gonna beat the system……it just further skewers the ultimate decision.  While cute, horrible results.

We follow as sheep to the slaughter.

My position is to participate as little as possible.  We don’t have to answer the questions of ‘What’s your REAL age?’,  ‘What’s your IQ?’, ‘This Quiz is Impossible’,  none of these things need our attention.  Find a fucking book to read!

Okay…..I’m off to take a Facebook challenge.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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