I Don’t Want Mexico To Feel Like Home

I Don’t Want Mexico To Feel Like Home

I Don’t Want Mexico To Feel Like Home!!  That may sound confounding or even ridiculous since I’ve chosen to move here……but, hang with me and you’ll find out what I’m saying.

My first encounter with Mexico was in the late 1980’s.  As a novice scuba diver, I made my first trip to Mexico’s Mayan Riviera to the island of Cozumel.  Actually, it was on my honeymoon a bit before my scuba diving visit.

Greeted in the airport terminal after making my way across the tarmac to taste of old Mexico……a margarita. That’s right, upon arrival we were greeted with a complimentary margarita.  I don’t think they do that anymore.

That was unique.

Back then the U.S. businesses hadn’t invaded the island so it was still sort of pristine.  Now, there’s Hooters, Margaritaville and the like here.  A lot more crowded than 30 years ago and at times too busy…..but that’s not quite what I’m writing about here.

The food was peculiar to Mexico.  The Mexican food we had grown familiar with would rather be defined as Tex-Mex, an American-friendly version of Mexican cuisine.

After my honeymoon to Cozumel, I wanted to come back, again, again, and again.  And my scuba diving hobby gave me a good reason.  At least 3 reasons a year!!  No cell phones and no internet that I recall.  A very simple life.  I loved it.

But too much of a good thing can lead away from the uniqueness.  I don’t like that.  I want to be charmed continually.  Actually, I am continually charmed when it comes to the Caribbean.  The drawback is the U.S. invested businesses try to own the Caribbean to the point you can’t enjoy it without their permission.

I Don’t Want Mexico To Feel Like Home!! 

The tourist dollar rules.  We’re all a moving target going from place to place and that is part of the charm of Mexico.  I allow myself to be entertained by it on occasion as I most of the time stay away from that distraction.

I want Mexico to feel unique to me every day, as much as possible.  Retain is charm over me.  Seduce me.

Still, to walk into a small locally owned store and do a little light shopping brings back the charm.  These are very lovely people.  I love them.  I don’t want nor try to take advantage of them, and I don’t allow them to take advantage of me.

Here’s an instance of shopping in the small shops.  I walk in and they immediately know that I’m not Mexican. I’m a tourist to them, even though I have a temporary residency card, they may even be familiar with my face…..but I think what some see is a dollar sign walking into their store.  My grandson wanted a fan, so I’d inquire upon entering the store.  Si, senior, right this way.  “How much?” I ask.  “$15 U.S.” comes back the answer.  Now, this is a hand fan for $15 U.S.!!!!  NUTS!!!  I’ll tell them no, and if they aren’t immediately more in line (about $3) I turn down all their offers and wander to the next store.  If they are asking $15 U.S. for a hand fan to start with, it’s highly unlikely they will have a reasonable counter offer.  I’m not buying from them.

The art of negotiating in the Mexican shops is charming.  But I think it should be respectful on both parties intentions.  I want them to make some money, just not scalp me in the process.

  I Don’t Want Mexico To Feel Like Home!!

If I grow accustomed to the ways of Mexico, I feel I lose my appreciation for Mexico.  I don’t want to lose my appreciation.

I’ve made friends with some of the locals and I question myself as to whether I’m getting too close.  ????  You see, I want to travel and see more of this world so if I’m anchoring myself down here…….I may lose sight of my intentions for travel.

Traveling can become expensive.  I’ve fooled myself about the cost of traveling, purely out of ignorance.  But, I have a commitment here in Mexico thru November of this year and that’s good because I have a lot of ‘me’ to work on. Changing lifestyle from all those years of punching a clock and following orders.  This gives me an opportunity to work on ‘me’.  I’m liking that, it took months to realize that too.

This may sound silly……but sometimes when I walk into a shop I recall my first visit to Mexico in the aroma of the shop.  I’m thinking it has something to do with the leather and clothing products.  But, it immediately takes me back in time.  I could just spend the day going from shop to shop for that experience between ice cold beers.

Craft beers have invaded Mexico.  I prefer the local beers.  I particularly like ‘Sol’.  Something to it that I just love.  A bit softer taste than Corona and has been around about just as long.  Modelo is another fine beer.  My first ever Mexican beer I recall like yesterday, Carte Blanca.  My introduction to Carte Blanca was at a Mexican buffet in Baton Rouge, Louisiana back in the 1970’s.

I Don’t Want Mexico To Feel Like Home

St. Petersburg, Florida feels like home to me.  That I don’t want to replace.

I don’t want some other place that I visit for an extended time to ever feel like home to me!  I want it to always retain its innocence and charm.  That’s the point of falling in love.  And I want to love all the places I visit and always want to return.

I don’t do much of the tourist stuff around here……I like to see Mexico in that innocence I’ve previously mentioned.  Just recently I visited with a Mexican/Mayan family that couldn’t speak a word of English and had to rely on my clumsy Espanol (which is nothing to brag about!)…..spent about 5 hours with them.  Observing cooking and interaction of family life.  I loved it!

But I don’t want any place I travel to fell like home, comfortable yes, but not home.  I don’t want anything to impede my desire to travel to other places, even if that other place is the U.S.

Should I start to lay down roots somewhere, make it Italy.  Ever since seeing the Russell Crowe movie ‘A Good Year’ I’ve wanted to fall in love with Italy and take my last breath there.  But that’s at the end of my traveling…..not any sooner and certainly not now!

I loved being in Costa Rica.  There was so much there to experience that was new to me.  As a matter of fact, I’m planning on another visit there to reacquaint myself with stuff and visit other stuff I didn’t have the chance to. Hell, I spent 10 days there!  I think?

Puerto Rico has some charm that would draw me back for a brief and refined visit.  From there, island hopping down to Aruba would be an interesting and adventurous route.

So, if I settle on calling Mexico my home then I may forsake those other adventures.  I don’t want to miss out on them!  I’d prefer to live out of a carry-on.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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