I’m Taking A Sabbatical From Social Media

I’m Taking A Sabbatical From Social Media

Sabbatical.  That’s what I’m calling it.  A sabbatical from social media.  The postings you see are scheduled posts already locked and loaded thanks to Buffer.com and dlvrit.com (if you’re not familiar with these 2, give ’em a visit…..)each has a free program.

Anyway.  I figured I need to work on some of my projects that I’ve got started but have stalled on for some reason. So, I’m back to doing my reading, writing and playing music.  Hopefully, I’ll this will lead to some finished project.

I’ve 2 ebooks in the works and so many ideas that need some love and attention to develop that I must limit my outside attention.

I’ve also the idea of a few calendars.  One is nude pictures of me for every month.  I think this will be a BIG seller.  The other calendars are a little more tamed.

While I’m kicking it (actually kicking but it was accidental) I have a couple tote boxes full of papers with stuff written on them and I wanted to go thru all of them to store them digitally.  Reducing my paper and making my moving around a lot easier!

Downsizing and being a bit more mobile is necessary with this traveling thing I’m heading into.

So, just with this writing stuff, I mentioned I can release a lot of positive energy into my life and hopefully share some good shit with everyone!

Writing is fun and rather easy for me.  I just sit and write.  Some stuff is good, some not so good. Hehehehe.

That’s just the way it goes!

Hemingway said that the first draft of anything is ‘shit’.  I’ve posted several first drafts.

I’m Taking A Sabbatical From Social Media

I’ve got music to write and music to record.

One of the things I really wanted to do once quitting work was to work more on my music.  Thus far it hasn’t turned out that way.  The newnest of having absolutely ‘nothing’ to do has preoccupied me.  It’s wonderful!!  To do nothing can be habit forming……hehehehehe.  I like to do nothing.

Buttttttt.  It’s not ‘nothing’ that I want to do for the rest of my life.

I want to create!!

Putting words to melody and expressing myself is a very rewarding task.

Now, I have run into a minor obstacle down here in Mexico.  I don’t have an instrument interface for my computer or a USB adapter that works to use.  So I ordered a PC/Mac guitar interface cord thru Amazon.com and my daughter bought it here.  Turns out it doesn’t work with a Mac, no driver available for a Mac.  So, now I’ve got to find a way to record guitar and bass parts.  But, that can’t stop me!  I’ve got the best of roughly four good months to get this job done.

Some of the music is already recorded.  It was recorded using a different software program so the tracks have to be individually important meticulously and positioned in the songs.  That’s the tough part positioning.  All the tracks import to the beginning of the song!!  So the solo or the bridge riffs or any riffs that were staged at a certain moment in the song are now at the very start of the song!


Some way, I’ll make this work.

I’m Taking A Sabbatical From Social Media

I want to improve my websites and learn a bit more on the development part.

I’ve two websites at present http://www.peaceloveandbeaches.com and http://www.johngaudetmusic.com and my eyes and thoughts on a couple more ideas for the future.

I write something most everyday for this blog and occasionally for my music site blog which I want to put more effort into.  Which I will shortly.

The music website needs a new design that will be more representative of my music, less of a persona.

I also have my Facebook accounts (4 of them), 2 Twitter pages, 1 Tumblr, 1 Instagram, and 1 Pinterest (I still have a MySpace page too!!  I try to give them as much attention as possible but there lies the problem of accomplishing the aforementioned projects.

I’ve managed to put a little automation into my social media stuff which I know helps but I’m not feeling it significantly enough.  And social media involvement is important in promotion and support of my writings and my music.

I may have to invest some money, but right now…..I have more time than money.

So, I figured a short relief from social media (with the exception of my scheduled posting) would work best for my adventures and my projects.  A bit more organization of time and purpose would go a long way in accomplishing my desired results.

There’s more fun to be had!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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