How Much Good Stuff Can I Add To Life

How Much Good Stuff Can I Add To Life

I got to thinking a moment ago, how much good stuff can I add to my life.

One thing that brought this train of thought to mind was me on the floor doing yoga and thinking I don’t have enough room. CLICK!

The next thing after my yoga was being followed by someone on Instagram that is a luxury lifestyle couple. CLICK!

So, I started putting these 2 together.  Because I think they go together, they work hand in hand……it’s just not noticeable and hopefully after this, we will all have a better understanding and getting more ‘good stuff’ in our lives.

There I was laying on the floor going thru my yoga and I couldn’t do one of the new moves and position because I didn’t have enough room.  I was in the living room area.  In my mind, I went to the master bedroom, nope.  Then I went to the guest room, nope.  Bathroom is out of  the question as is the kitchen and dining area.  There’s always the beach, but I like to look at the ladies and I also like my privacy when I’m doing my yoga……sometimes nude.  Great discovery that nude yoga.  So, no beach yoga.

How Much Good Stuff Can I Add To Life

Wider walls versus less stuff.

That was my first thought. I need more space!  I can’t move the walls…these are concrete walls and it’s a condo. So expansion is out to the question.  I could move to a larger condo.  I’ve still got 4 1/2 months commitment remaining here.

My next thought was maybe I can get rid of some of this stuff.   And I realized it’s not my stuff.

And that realization was the start of that magic moment.  Even if it wasn’t someone else stuff I’d probably still have stuff taking up the space I wanted just to do yoga.

And this thought pattern I’m engaging is leading me to more stuff, only it’s good stuff.  Good stuff doesn’t have to take up space.

If I were to be furnishing this condo from scratch I’d put my lifestyle in place first.  I need space for my yoga, for my musical instruments and an area for recording along with space for painting.  That’s where I would start. From there I’d explore design and furnishings that would accommodate those aspects of my lifestyle.

That is the opposite of the way I had previously done it and I have always suffered from not being able to enjoy the things I want to enjoy.

This was a moment of magic.

To complicate things, I’m traveling.  I can’t carry around a lot of stuff so I have to be even more creative because whether it’s a hotel or a house on, I’m gonna have to deal with someone else stuff.

The wheels of thought and creativity are in motion.

How Much Good Stuff Can I Add To Life

Then comes along this couple with ‘luxury lifestyle’.  I’m thinking right at that moment…..YEP!!!  YEP!  That’s what I want.

Luxury doesn’t equate too more stuff.  I don’t need stuff to live a lifestyle of luxury.  I don’t need the finest leather clad recliner in the showroom for a luxury lifestyle (besides, I don’t use any products made from animals….that’s right I don’t wear a belt, sometimes no shoes!).  But there are comfort items and places that are of a luxury lifestyle that are appealing to me.  I love a luxury towel.

Personal grooming items of luxury count.

I’m on to something here.

Good stuff, more stuff……doesn’t equate to luxury.  More stuff crowds out the good stuff.

I have to get rid of stuff to make room for the good stuff, and that good stuff is my luxury.

I don’t need a large sofa or a coffee table, I need room for yoga.  Maybe I’ll get a small sofa sleeper and a coffee table and do my yoga on the large balcony!!  I’m getting this!  I just need the large balcony.

I like this!

In this line of thought……my health is a luxury and should be treated as such.  That’s something that I can’t afford to go without.  And as for you, don’t think that it’s too late, it’s not.  I’ll write about this in another blog shortly.  I have ideas!  Creative ideas!

Today, tomorrow and all the days that follow will be removing stuff and adding quality luxury stuff.  I’ll keep you posted.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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