Where To Next?

Where To Next?

Where to next?

I’m not quite sure.  I’ve mapped out plans for the Far East, Europe (starting in Italy), and a railway trek crisscrossing the United States…..even a brief look at the U.K., I’d love to visit…..lots of friends there plus I want to walk the Abbey Road Crossing and of course visit Liverpool.  And let’s not forget getting back here to Mexico and some Caribbean island hopping.

In the mix is a quick jaunt to Egypt.  I gotta see the pyramids!  I know there’s a lot of unrest there and I’m watching it closely but I ‘m sure there’s lots of protection in place as this is a big tourist attraction meaning lots of money for the country.

Being not sure isn’t a very comfortable place but it does show that I’ve got a lot of flexibility as to where I can go and when I can go.

And I want to see it ALL!  It just can’t be done all at once.

To make it all financially feasible at this time I have to travel to my desired destinations during the offseasons. To the cold when it’s cold and to the hot when it’s hot. Avoid the crowded season and the tourist romps.

I have a friend that frequents Turkey and seeing the pictures she posts makes me a bit curious……she’s also hit some of the Greek islands which I just love the idea of exploring.

That takes an extra effort and a different wardrobe than I’m accustomed to.  Dang, it!

I’m having to get used to feeling and experiencing such freedom.  At times I feel like a child with so much available to do that I don’t know ‘what’ to do.

Where To Next?

I’m thinking that the crisscrossing railway tour of the U.S. is probably the next stop off.  I just have to keep in mind that I have to be back in Mexico to renew my residency around September of 2018.

After the railway tour of the U.S., I’m thinking of heading to Europe.  Starting in Italy, traveling by train and using primarily airbnb.com for short stays with probably some short jaunts on the budget airlines like Ryan Air.

This seems to have the best flow…..Italy, Greece, France, Spain and Portugal with possible runs to Turkey and Egypt.  Those last two will depend more on the safety of travel at that time than anything else.

One thing that throws a kink in my Europe plans is that I’d love to take my granddaughter (Keira) to Europe.  But she wouldn’t be able to go until summer and that would be a more expensive time (and I do have to be budget conscious) and I’m not sure how patient she would be with the train traveling and stuff.  Perhaps when she’s a little older.

Yet there is still Machu Picchu, Peru on my mind.  My only hesitancy there is…….mountains.  Yeah that’s the uniqueness of Machu Picchu but I’m just getting introduced to mountain terrain and it’s taking me a bit to get accustomed to!  I’m a flat land person!  I don’t like heights.

This is all an adventure.  Even the writing of this blog this morning is a trying adventure and here is why. There’s this younger woman that seems to be using the condo next door that, well that’s barely clothed okay.  She’d been wondering around outside by the pool a lot yesterday and now, this morning bright and early she’s at it again. This time she see’s me and motioned to me to step outside.  Gives me a greeting and seems delightful and I’m uncomfortable.  She tells me her cousin lives next door and that she is trying to contact him.

Where To Next?

I notice while talking with her that her bag is on his patio……  After a few more exchanges I realize that I’m now on my patio talking to her while she’s holding her dog rubbing the dog’s belly and saying she likes that because it gives her an orgasm.

She asks for some tea, I’ve none I reply and she says she has her own herbs and asks to make some.  I’m nice, I oblige.  She’s now in my condo!

She’s going in and out talking to me about random stuff and the next thing I know her clothing bag is on my patio!

There’s challenges in writing my blog…..adventurous.  This should have been posted three hours ago.

Belize, I might take out to Belize this afternoon.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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