Here’s The Plan……Amtrak

Here’s The Plan……Amtrak

The plan is to crisscross the United States by Amtrak train.  This will be happening sometime in January.

The paths I’ve explored.  And while the options are all that plentiful they appear to be fairly efficient.

So.  Do I travel to Boston first and then head across the continent to Seatle or do I go straight from New Orleans to Los Angelos then to Chicago, then to San Francisco then to Seatle and bullet across the United States to Boston from there.

Anyway it goes, the real starting point will be in the City of New Orleans.  Just about 80 miles south of where I grew up.  That start is merely a matter of convenience.  So, Boston wouldn’t be the actual starting point.

I’ve never ridden a train…..well, I take that back.  We took the grandkids on a 5-mile train ride in Florida as part of a museum attraction for early trains.  But that was really in a makeshift open air train car.  This trip will be a bit more modern and fancy ride.

What spurred this idea on was the planning of the European trip.  Most of it will be done by railway with a few discount flights thrown in.

So this will be sort of like a trial run for the European tour.  Find out what it’s like, the ins and outs.  The good and the bad.  The comforts and not so comforts.

I got to thinking, and I’ve never been to Memphis, Tennessee.  To trek to Memphis via train would cost me…..$49.00!!!!  I can’t fly or drive there for that price!  That means that I’ll make a quick trip after Thanksgiving to Memphis to give myself a taste of what to expect.

Sounds like fun!

Here’s The Plan……Amtrak

How about Los Angeles, California!!  Get this……$136.00!!!!


What about Boston, Mass.!!  Here ya go….$189.00!!!

Then trek across the States to Seatle for………$197.20!!

Get out of here!!  I wish I’d have known about this before!  Dang, I would have done this and gotten the experience under my belt.  I’d have made several trips to L.A. and enjoyed the West Coast and a lot more……from L.A. I could’ve scooted down to San Diego for $31.45!!!  Then just run for the border!

The fun I coulda had…….

This is comfy reclining seats…..not a room on the train.  This is open travel.  I can take on 2 personal items (for women that would be a purse…..I guess for guys too) and 2 carry-ons!  That’s always included in the price.

How about ‘cheaper’???

Cheaper is possible but unlikely.  I found the following out yesterday.  I didn’t know this shit, and frankly it’s very disappointing.

Follow this…

Amtrak has come up with an idea to cut cost and increase earnings but has been chastised for such an outrageous idea by Senator Chuck Schumer!  You see, Amtrak is a ‘federal government corporation’ much as The United States Postal Service and it’s supposed to operate as ‘for-profit company’ but its gotta follow rules that impede such profitability.

Go figure.

Amtrak would like to pull a lesson from the airlines.  Without losing any of the comfy lots of leg room seats….add additional cars and add seats with less room much like the airlines have done and attained profitability.

Experience in this is coming with the next CEO Richard Anderson, who ran Delta Air Lines.

Budget seating without losing any first class seating…..making train travel cheaper and easier to use and profitable.  WOW!

But, Senator Schumer says, “NO”!

That doesn’t make sense!

Here’s The Plan……Amtrak

I’ll repeat…..that doesn’t make sense!  Especially when the federal government is subsidizing Amtrak to the tune of $1.4 BILLION in taxpayer money annually!

I’ll touch on this at another time…..the U.S. runs a budget deficit of approximately $20 TRILLION…..and the non-sense support of Amtrak contributes $1.4 billion each year.  Incase you don’t get this because of the large numbers…..this is like you writing checks for money you don’t have.


I’m traveling Amtrak for my next adventure.  You may want to discover a bit of America via a railway tour too.

Oh, there are other services too.  Wifi, snack car, dining car, baggage check in, handicap assistance, bicycles at stops, etc.  This is a very affordable means of transportation and fast!!

I’ll be using for some of my stop-over accommodations along with hotels.  Join one of the clubs….get discounts and earn free nights.  You gotta compare things to get your best deals though.

America by Amtrak!  Here I come.  Europe, you’re next…..

Peace, love, and beaches,


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