I’m Wondering, What’s Your #1 Challenge, John?

I’m Wondering, What’s Your #1 Challenge, John?

Screw off!  Even the software that monitors my writing ain’t gonna like this answer!  To that, I say, ‘screw off’!

Why screw off?  What’s gotten into me?  He was just trying to help.  Right?


Here’s what I told the inquisitive chap.  “Why?  I’ve no concern of yours.”

And that’s true.  You may find my response, rude.  I find it honest.  Plus I really could have just ignored the guy. Right?

But I chose otherwise.

I’ve got a problem with this sort of crap.  Not a superficial problem either.

First off, here’s what this fellow is trying to do.  He’s trying to create an opportunity for himself.  I like an opportunity.  I tend to create opportunities for myself.  Nothing wrong with that as far as I’m concerned.  But the sort of creation this fellow is embarking on is less concerned with my or your challenge as he is in creating a fallacy that he can assist with overcoming that challenge.

The most I’ve experienced in my long life is that the most another can be in my life’s challenges is a cheerleader. They can’t actually take part in my challenge, they can’t!  They can idly sit, watch and offer their encouragement but that’s it.

Realize.  The challenge any of us face is an intimate experience.  Intimate??  Yes.  It is uniquely our experience. That is intimate.

Something intimate can’t be shared with a stranger!  Who the fuck does he/she think they are?  Some sort of god to get involved with the intimacies of others?  Especially over a cyber medium!

I’m not the one that looks for others to feel sorry and experience any part of my life.  I can dutifully tend to that.  It’s my life and my adventure.


Frankly……I’m too busy living my life to be earnestly interested in anyone’s challenges.  I’ve wasted enough breaths and lost enough time to realize that the only person that can willfully meet their challenge is the person experiencing the challenge.

Does that mean the individual being challenged or in the throes of chaos can’t use any help?  No, it doesn’t mean that.  But, the person should simply ask. And that asking should be of someone with that experience. He or she should not be mined for a financial opportunity.

I’ve  assisted people in the past…..some have asked for assistance and some haven’t.  I’ve found that it’s the person that asks earnestly that my time nor breath is wasted.  They are mindful and appreciative.  And I ask for nothing in return.

My advice is always of a simple nature.  Identify the problem, sort thru the solution options, choose the solution that provides the optimal results, pursue and focus only on that solution.

There’s no need to go out and buy some book or invest in some program that takes anyone step by step through the process.  Keep it simple.  Each step, keep it simple.

Irritated?  Yes, I am!

People and their problems shouldn’t be a source of income for anybody!  Yes, a good how to book is helpful. Sometimes it helps an individual see a situation from a different perspective or get new ideas.  I’m all for that. And I’m all for someone making money via an entrepreneurial means, without taking advantage of a situation.

I just find this method weak and deplorable.  It’s one of the things wrong with capitalism I guess I would say.

We’ve all got challenges in our lives.  Some big, while some are not so big.  But, I tend to look at our challenges on a more intimate level…..it’s part of our adventure and discovery in life and no one should steal that from us.

I’ve got a challenge…

I’ve got the challenge of learning Espanol, Italian, and French.  I know from experience that no resource I can buy will work unless I work at learning.  Regardless of the benefits of whatever language program, it’s of no value unless I, by my lonesome put in the effort.  Even if it’s a face to face class, it’s my effort in and outside of the class that determines my success…..or failure.

You see, it’s intimate to me.

WOW!  I really didn’t expect this.  I’m focusing on my traveling, writing and music. With an emphasis on my music right now.  But, this is writing so that counts.  And this person provided the fodder for this writing.  Perhaps I should thank them?  Consider yourself thanked.  That’s the limit of my effort though.

I’m not unappreciative…….I’ve just got things to do.  The things that I like to do.

Don’t fall prey to all these innocuous ‘life coaches’.  Within you is your personal hero.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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