Sometimes Paradise Gets A Little Messy

Sometimes Paradise Gets A Little Messy


Yeah, you never really know what you’re getting. And in some countries, standards aren’t standard. The standards may even be ‘sub-standard’.

I believe I wrote about my condo having a termite problem a few months back. If I didn’t (or did) allow me a brief revisit, you’ll see the reason shortly.

I noticed shortly after moving into the condo that the wood frame around the doorways had a wrinkled look. My thought (which was partially correct) was that there had been a slight previous termite problem and after treatment, it was just painted over. Seems reasonable. But after a few month, the sliding door in the hallway didn’t work….it had dropped so it was no longer suspended. Jose’, the maintenance crew inspected the situation…….termites. It had to be treated.

Termites are a huge problem here…..they build these HUGE nests in the trees in the jungle only to be felled by their own means.

Moved out for a few days, treated and the wood was supposed to be replaced. But the wood was never replaced.

Fast forward to yesterday…..

We went shopping for a couple hours and upon returning to the condo, greeted by a flooded kitchen, dining area, and bedroom from the overflow of the dual compartment sink. Did I leave the water on? No. This had backed up from another condo and I was the appointed recipient. Yeah me!

This ends up being a 2 plus hour clean-up job. Jose’ didn’t help the clean-up, he pulled down the drain pipes with the water still in both basins adding to the flood that is making its way thru the condo.

This gets a little better (I’m being sarcastic) when I go outside to look for the clean-out.

Sometimes Paradise Gets A Little Messy

I have to negotiate my way thru the jungle on the side of the condo to get to where the clean-out ‘should be’. ‘Should be’, because there isn’t a clean-out where it ‘should be’.

Next, I stumble my way thru a conversation about the clean-out with Jose’. He gets to the understanding of a drainage pipe. Great! Where? On the opposite side of the condo complex!!!! Just one for the whole complex! 9 condos!!! 1 clean-out!! The clean-out is coming out from the bottom of the foundation of the condo complex…..sideways with a trickle of water coming out of the ‘cracked’ PVC pipe! GADS!!!

This isn’t going to do any good…..for one thing, Jose’ thinks the blockage is in my condo!! If that were so, the water couldn’t have gotten in since the water came from outside of the condo.

I’m losing this one.

Eventually from running pressured water thru the drain pipe in my condo Jose’ declares the job done! Fine, this is the best that it’s gonna get. Besides, I still have more cleaning to do.

As Jose’ is getting ready to leave I get his attention to take a look at the bugs and debris on the floor in the doorway to the bathroom next to the previously termite treated hall closet. After a moment he says, termites, you have termites.

Thanks, Jose’. I’ve got termites again.

Sometimes paradise gets a little messy.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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