Has Margaritaville changed it’s location?

Has Margaritaville changed it’s location?

Here’s why I’m writing this, and I think you’ll relate to it and hopefully it will empower you.  And it’s not limited to just Margaritaville!

I like to first get a glimpse of a place I’m planning on visiting.  Get a little background, a little insight, just trying to enhance my experience.

With today’s social media craze everyone has become an expert.  It used to be that an expert was someone that made most all the mistakes on their way to learning the ‘hows’ of their endeavor.

I don’t believe that applies any longer in general.  It’s more opinions, caustic rhetoric and bullying going on. Yeah, bullying.  Someone trying to cram their opinion or experience down another’s throat as being the ‘gospel’ of what to expect.

Meaningful discourse goes awry and the very information asked/discussed becomes polluted with absurd demeaning comments!

I’m reading such this morning and I find it so dismaying.  And I also find it prevalent.  Almost to the point that I’m avoiding the comments in social media.  But, I do find for the most part the meaningful exploration of a subject is found in the beginning barring some agitated misfits input.

Here’s a Facebook posting I happened upon a bit earlier. “Has Margaritaville changed its location?”  It’s on a Cozumel, Mexico chat sight.  As of just moments ago, there were 67 comments!  67!!!  And guess what?  They contradict one another, misinform, and got at one point down right nasty!  For goodness sakes, it’s a simple question with a simple answer.

Can’t we all just get along?

Has Margaritaville changed it’s location?

The Cozumel location of Margaritaville has moved.  It’s still on the island.  It’s at the International Pier where most of the cruise ships port.  And yes, other visitors other than people on cruise lines can enjoy.  I know because I’ve been there and met friends there that have cruised on down.  I’m thinking that the experience is a bit different at each Margaritaville location.  I’ve only been to two…..the original one in Key West and the one here on Cozumel.  Cozumel is loud and rambunctious while the one in Key West is really laid back.  I’m sure the one at Universal Studios Orlando is different than the two I’ve experienced.   But I really don’t know so experience it for yourself.

I didn’t eat at the one in Cozumel……I usually go for the local fare.

The posting I’m referring to got a bit testy!!  Yes, bullying was taking place.  McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and Carl Jr.’s was brought into the location hunting of ‘Has Margaritaville changed its location?’.  Ridiculous!

It’s your experience.  Don’t let someone’s opinion on likes or dislikes, corruption of the local cuisine, or infiltration of American franchises deter your own personal experience.  You now have the location, go if you want, don’t go if you don’t want…….it’s you that is creating the experience.  Do as you want!  There’s no inherent danger in going to a place that others say is too pricey and too American.  GOSH!!

Has Margaritaville changed it’s location?

67 responses on ‘where Margaritaville’ is located on the island of Cozumel!!  Can you believe that!  Hopefully, the person that posed the question got the answer they wanted and exited the conversation quickly.

What boggles my mind is why people get nasty?  Is it because they are unhappy with their own out of control life that they feel the necessity to make others equally miserable with their attitude?

Toxic people.  And they are far too plentiful for this writer to entertain.

But this writer read through all 67 comments and this blog was born.  Frankly, it was already stirring up inside of me long ago…..my discontentment with social media.  I find that most people don’t know what they are talking about past their opinion.  Sad.  And that’s why over the past 2 weeks I’ve curtailed my social media activity.

I don’t need this sort of ‘drama’.  Actually, I live a very ‘drama’ free life, and that’s by my choice and making.

The original title of this blog was, “We Are The Curators of Our Experiences”.  But, putting Margaritaville in the title seemed a bit more catchy.

That’s what birthed it!

What all could possibly be said in 67 posts about “Has Margaritaville changed its location?”?  It’s there, Margaritaville!  Go visit!  Enjoy!

Remember, we are the creators and curators of our experiences.

Have fun!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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