Sitting Still, In Constant Motion

Sitting Still, In Constant Motion

I’m sitting still, in constant motion….  How can that be?

I’ve got a lot of time on my hands so, I’m always observing.  I observe my surroundings and I observe myself. As you know I’m spending leisure time on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico and venturing out from there. Exploring nature, culture, and cuisine.  I’m having a great time at doing that too.

But, I’m also spending a lot of time in my condo……just sitting.  Well, not just sitting.  I’m doing lots of stuff from a sitting position.  Like, I’m writing this blog, I’ve got 2 ebooks in the works that I spend time on, I’m working on my music for my next CD and I’m planning my upcoming trips.

Planning the upcoming adventures is FUN!  My mind gets to figure out the logistics of the exploit.  There are all sorts of elements involved in the details but the one I must build everything around is ‘budget’.

So, there’s this constant motion in my sitting still.

I do get out…..go visit a couple of my favorite bars occasionally.  There’s more than a couple but doing a couple in a day is quite sufficient when I do.

But, I find the traveling part of my life to be ambitious.  It’s out of my comfort zone and it’s challenging not only in the area of budget but method of travel and place.  As for as place, I want to be as safe as possible without restricting too much my access to the people of the local culture.  And the method because it’s not as simple as just hopping in the car and driving off.

Sitting Still, In Constant Motion

Right now I’ve the workings of 3 extended trips being explored.  I’ve a train tour of the U.S. which came about as I was working on planning my Europe trip.  The Europe trip (including a quick jaunt to Cairo, Egypt and maybe Turkey) was a mixture of train, plane, and automobile.  When I was exploring the train routes through Italy, the question of what trains routes were available in the U.S. came to mind.  So, I began exploring that.

I’ve never been to California.  And I’m thinking I’d like to go before it slips into the Pacific Ocean.  I can take a train ride to Los Angeles, California for as little as $136.00!!!!  That’s like a WOW thing. But that’s only part of the budgeting.  It’s also, eating, where to stay, and other means of transportation.  Then there’s a timing issue.  I found out that the least expensive days to travel by train are on Wednesdays.  So there’s the trick of timing and weighting the lodging and food cost against the travel cost.  Juggling all the elements to make the most out of each leg of the trip.  That’s right, each leg of the trip.  From Los Angeles I’d take a quick trip down the coast by train to San Diego and from there a run for the border to Tijuana, Mexico before heading north to Seatle.

Then where?  Back down and head to Area 51 in Nevada, then Arizona and New Mexico….  Followed by Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis……and there’s still more after that!

Can I afford to do it all?  How long will it take?  When does Europe come into the picture?

Sitting Still, In Constant Motion

Then there’s still the island hopping thru the Caribbean!!  That my friend sounds easier than it really is.  It’s minor airlines…..and independent prop owners, and ferries for transportation.  They are not inexpensive (except for the ferries) so there’s a lot of coordination that has to be worked on.  To make it fit budget wise I must stay away from tour operators.  They may know their way around…..but that’s not necessarily in my best interest.  I know that sounds convoluted.  But, I did a tour thing in The Cayman’s and quickly regretted it.  Why?  Instead of seeing the stuff I wanted to see, I got taken to tourist traps that the tour guide was getting kick-backs from!  I missed a lot of good stuff.

One of the unexpected things living here in Mexico is that in the first 2 months here, I did it all!  I visited most all the big named places……I flat out got around.  That’s the benefit of having my own car on a trip.  The logistics of doing that in Europe and the cost in the U.S. makes further travel with my car unaffordable.

Besides, I want to sit on the corner of Winslow, Arizona.  I understand it’s a fine sight to see.  I might even see a girl in a flatbed Ford.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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