I Just Want Something Better!

I Just Want Something Better!

I just want something better!  It seems that’s what I’m always looking for, something better.  I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing.

Over the past two days, I went from accepting something that was on the lower rung of life to set my sights a lot higher.

Why not?  If someone else can, so can I!  Whatever someone else can achieve so can I!  And this isn’t about what someone else can achieve…….this is about where I’m at.  And I’m not referring to in a life perspective as I am in a physical and professional perspective.

Professional?  Retired?

I am at the most perfect place in my being and physically in my life, right now.

I’ve taken on the adventure of travel……exhilarating!  I’ve taken on the challenge of writing and creativity. I’m in a foreign country with no safety net!  Something goes wrong, I’m on my own.  That’s the stark reality.

This place I’m at is a wonderful place to be.  I’ve removed all the structure that bound me for all my years past. I’m set free to do as I please.  And while I’m not wealthy, money isn’t much of an obstacle.

So where am I at?

I’m at that place where I can do the things I’ve dreamed of doing!  What are those things?  I’ve dreamed of writing, recording and performing my own music.  I’ve dreamed of writing…..just writing and seeing where that would take me.  And of course traveling is something I seem to have desired but suppressed all these years.

That leads me to where I am, right now.  And I find that remarkable.

I Just Want Something Better!

My vision has been clouded with disenchantment that I’ve seen most everything I wanted to see here (there are a few things left) and I feel that I shouldn’t have allotted as much time for the Mexican Caribbean as I have.

I am absent the distractions of daily life.  That is remarkable!  Relaxing and enjoyable too.  But, all those years have worn a rut in my thinking that I expect those distractions and they aren’t to be found.


It seems that it’s one of those instances where what I have isn’t being appreciated and taken advantage of properly.

I have life on a silver platter!

I’m in a unique setting with all its pleasures to enjoy that I can work on my music and my writing without the distractions of life.  And until this day I’ve not recognized that as fully as I do right now.

I’ve got the Caribbean moments away from my condo which is in the quiet at the edge of the Mexican jungle and in a very private area.  I have most of the accommodations of life that I’m accustomed to, and moments away is a very primitive life being lived by Mexican’s and Mayan’s.  Most of my ‘friends’ and acquaintances live in the villages. They may work at an exquisite resort, but their reality is more often as pictured below.

I Just Want Something Better!

There are always adjustments to make in life.  I don’t think I’m alone when I say that we are ornery when it comes to changes.

So, I’ve set my sights on what I wasn’t seeing about my adventure.  I’m gonna enjoy my surroundings and indulge myself.  Upscaling my life in every possible way.

I’m thinking that what I’m writing about is obvious to you.  But, it was not so obvious to me.

You see, I get restless.  I’m so accustomed to working as fast as I can and on my off days bounding around all the great bars and beach bars of Pinellas County, Florida.

That isn’t my lifestyle here.  It’s not available!  So, in some ways, I’ve been trying to live that hustle and bustle life here that I lived there…..St. Petersburg, Florida.

Now I know that I’m in a great position to have some other things I’ve dreamed of and I’m afforded the opportunity to live and chase them.

Something better, something different.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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