Dreaming Is Free!!!

Dreaming Is Free!!!

How about that one??  Dreaming is free!

But dreaming about what?  And isn’t dreaming a waste of time?

Is dreaming a waste of time?  Tell, me or better, yourself…..what are you doing with your time now?  Could it be better spent dreaming?

We tend to forget that all the great inventions of life started out as nothing but a dream.  And many of those dreamers were laughed at and ridiculed.

How often do we let that magic get away because we concern ourselves with what other’s may think of us?  My ‘guess’ is too often.

Your dream is ridiculous, right?

I’m re-watching “The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons”.  It’s screenplay is based on an old guy by the name of F. Scott Fitzgerald famed of “The Great Gatsby”.  It was a short story published in 1921 in “Tales of The Jazz Age”.  Mr. Fitzgerald later on in life worked in Hollywood writing screenplays……nothing to do with his curious case.  Some almost 90 years later it is made into a blockbuster movie featuring Brad Pitt and Kate Blanchett.  Do you think he may have imaged it as a movie but the thought of being too far fetched quieted his spirit?  A curious thought.

A thought, a little more substantive and documented.

James Dyson, all he wanted was a better vaccum.  That’s not too much to ask.  Five years and 5,127 prototypes (his term for failures) later he had invented the world’s first bagless vaccum cleaner.  Born out of his personal frustration of with his vaccum cleaners poor performance.

All our pursuits start out as dreams and those dreams are free!

Dreaming Is Free!!!

I dare to say that most of us may fear to tell even our most intimate acquaintance of our dream out of fear of rejection and ridicule.  Perhaps we’ve entrusted those passions before with no tangible results and here we are again.  The shame of falling short has a long ride in our memories.

It’s said that while watching an Elvis Presley movie, John Lennon pointed at the screen and said, “That’s a good job.”  Look where that took him.

Every dream is an evolution.

Our dream may or may not start out as we’ve dreamed it would be, but at some point, it crosses that memory.  Maybe we forgot to dream big enough!  Or perhaps shied away.  We’ve our reasons.

Personally, I think whatever the dream is, time should be spent nurturing it.  Becoming intimate with the dream and the dream intimate with me, intimate with you.

I believe our initial excitement with our dream most often leads to its failure.  That failure is met before the dream is even hatched.  In our excitement, we share this idea in its infancy with nothing more than passion and most likely to the wrong person.  BOOM!  It died…..sad.  But, there’s always that ember embedded in our being that holds an outside hope……..time is its enemy.

The dream first is meant for me or for you.  Not for the nearest and most convenient ear.  Keep it to ourselves while we explore it within our creativity!  That’s its incubus.  Allow it to grow, breathe, and develop.  Time at this time is on our side.

There’s such pleasure in that dream.  We all know we would love to live there and our present realities get in the way.  Keep dreaming, after all it’s free!

Dreaming Is Free!!!

Don’t allow that dream to commit suicide!!  It’s your baby, it’s my baby…..it needs attention, not desertion.

And don’t discard it as ‘just a dream’.  There are far too many more credible obstacles to grow through.

Give that dream every opportunity to survive!  It’s actually your obligation!

Think about this for a moment.  I really hope I can say this properly, here goes.  Get involved with your dream intimately while it is just a dream.  Dream of your dream.  Talk to yourself about the dream and explore it with yourself.  Nothing is taboo here, it’s essential in the development of the dream.  What are all the components of the dream?  While you’re exploring your dream, dreaming of your dream don’t limit yourself in your thinking……stay open even when you seem to be going astray and before refocusing make a note of where your excursion took you too.  It too is a part of the creative process.

Don’t be shy!!  Dream, dream naked.  What I’m saying is don’t hide any of your creativity out of timidity or the voice of your inner critic.  Turn yourself loose!! Wreckless abandon!!  By the way, that’s the best time to do something with reckless abandonment.

I think everyone is interested in something (or most anything) that’s free.  It’s your mind, and it’s your time. Take advantage of it.  It doesn’t matter what it is.

I realized in hindsight so many times that when I didn’t do the things I felt passionate about that I also deprived others.  While that’s not the motivation, it is a reality.

Dreaming Is Free!!!

Personally, I’m in the process of making changes to make a run.  I’ll not say what……I’m still being intimate with my dream.  I’m enjoying this and don’t feel the need to expose it at this time.  Even though there’s a philosophy out there of making a public commitment to your dream and do it.  Enjoy the intimacy, start the journey and lastly bring others along.

I may be talking to just me…..but that’s alright.  I need to hear it.

Dreamin is free!

Peace, love, and beaches,


p.s. This is a bi-product of my effort to increase my reading.

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