A Day At The Beach On The Caribbean

A Day At The Beach On The Caribbean

A day at the beach on the Caribbean isn’t just something to brag about, it’s something to live.  It’s not a pastime (although it does qualify for one), it’s more of a lifestyle.  Well, at least for me.

I love letting people know I live on the Mexican coastline of the Caribbean.  I’ll hit an island occasionally just for a different view and a different experience.  And that’s more and more appealing to me.  There’s more of the Caribbean island hopping in my future……just a few other places to visit before that journey.

Beach at the Caribbean is available daily.  It’s not going anywhere so I’ve taken the approach that it’s just part of my lazy laid back life at this moment.

I didn’t go yesterday, nor did I take the time to take a glimpse…..I’ve got a project that I’m spending some time with that was a love of mine before the Caribbean.  And that project needs my attention.  BUT!!

But, today……I have a book to accompany me under my beach umbrella with some ice cold beer that doesn’t last long in the tropical breeze blowing over the blue Caribbean water.  I’ve become an astute drinker of beer since moving here.

I’ve also have pen and paper…..there’s something about writing on paper rather than using some digital device.  I recall telling my lovely French friend, Marie of my conversion to digital journalizing and she said she could never give up paper and her Mont Blanc.  I completely understand and have switched back to paper minus the Mont Blanc. Hehehehehe.  I’m aggressively trying to capture my creative thoughts, not letting them escape.

  At the beach…..I’m at home.  Nothing is wrong in life.

A Day At The Beach On The Caribbean

While living in Florida……my life was a beach.  I love being right there, in that moment……nothing else exists. Whatever problems I may have just seems to wash away.  And better yet, I am refreshed and energized.

I don’t have an ice chest that I lug to the beach.  I have an insulated back pack that makes it so much easier.  In one hand I have my chair and in the other is my trusty beach umbrella.  I can also carry a book or a tablet in the back pack…..it has a netted compartment along with 2 large zipper compartments.  Best $25 investment I ever made. I got it from Walmart in St. Petersburg.  It’s seen some years and has served me very well.  I think I have a few more beach visits left in it.

 This picture is from my visit to Maroma earlier this year. A lovely but expensive place to visit.  In the background is a little island that you can walk to from the beach.

I was thinking that while I’m here I shouldn’t waste an opportunity to just embrace the very things I enjoy.  That hasn’t happened too often enough in life.  So, I do it now with enthusiasm and appreciation.

Only during the ‘high season’ is it not much fun.  Too many people.  So, I find other adventures to occupy my time or I just simply lounge around the condo and pool.

Life is slow……

So, go grab a place, kick back, grab a cold beverage, let the sun gently kiss your skin and let your dreams flow with the waves……

Peace, love, and beaches,


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