Much To Do About Nothing

Much To Do About Nothing

That’s right.  Much to do about nothing!

Tropical Storm Franklin made his debut a couple hours ago without much fanfare.  I’ve 2 leaves (and a partial one) on my patio and a lot of moisture which could be due to the 100% humidity.

Since it’s dark I’m not able to see too much but there’s not much movement amongst the palm trees and venturing outside just now, it’s not much more than the usual breeziness of any other day here in the tropics.

I didn’t take Franklin’s potential lightly. Over the past 2 days, I did some stocking up of water, groceries, and non-perishables.

Although evacuation wasn’t a choice as to the tropical storm’s lack of strength, I had thought through going without a couple luxuries as far as internet and electricity.

The unfortunate thing about electricity here, at least in my condo is that it controls the flow of water.  And since the maintenance guy doesn’t understand the need for chlorine in the pool (attested to by the algae growth) I’ll be using the Caribbean as my wash tub.  Not bad all in all.  The problem there would be from the jellyfish tentacles in the water.  While they aren’t too harmful, they can be downright uncomfortable and even infectious, I’ve got that covered too.

  Here’s yesterday morning’s view of Franklin when the wind speeds were about 60 miles per hour……now he’s over land, still near here in Quintana Roo with winds down to 40 miles per hour.

After trudging across the Yucatan Peninsula and entering the Bay of Campeche Franklin may strengthen a tad but not enough to become a hurricane as originally thought.

It’s amazing how fluid these predictions are regarding the tropical systems that come thru this area.

Much To Do About Nothing

Waiting, well not waiting barreling its way westward towards the Caribbean is another tropical depression that is expected to develop into a much stronger storm and attaining hurricane strength.  Unnamed as of yet should nothing else develop is known as Tropical Wave Invest 99-L.  I’m not sure what about the name with ‘Invest’ in the title, according to what I’ve read should Tropical Storm status be attained, the name will be Gert.  That’s right, Gert!

I’m not sure how things happen here, as the waves weren’t of any problem with the approach of Franklin, I did notice the tide being higher than usual and a couple of brave folks doing a bit of surf fishing in the distance to the left in this photo. 

I took these photos from the Omni Resort here in Puerto Aventuras and other than the pool guy checking the level of chlorine in the pool, the place is abandoned!  

So, it appears that the afternoon will be clearing and I’m well stocked with groceries and beer (did I mention beer?) for the next two weeks.  Or maybe more!

Oh!  Don’t think for a moment that we have the technology available at the change of a TV channel to get accurate updates by the minute here……that doesn’t exist in my little world.  Even my access to doesn’t do justice.  By the time I get the most current report, it’s already happened.

Life in the Caribbean is very interesting!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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