I Wanted To Live Here…

I Wanted To Live Here…

I really wanted to live here, but nothing was available where I wanted when I wanted and could fit in my budget.

Perhaps I was a bit too demanding but, I couldn’t afford to obligate myself for more than I could afford, and I didn’t want to live in an area that I didn’t want to live!

My first week of non-traveling in Mexico was spent here in Puerto Morelos.  I fit in.  Made friends really quickly, some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and a few of them are still hanging with me on Facebook.

The Caribbean Coast of Mexico.  Mexico has a lot of beauty and simplicity that I love, but being near the water is just me.  The Caribbean actually stops me from exploring the inland treasures of Mexico!  I am a prisoner to large bodies of water.  Such as the Gulf of Mexico near St. Petersburg, Florida and the Florida Keys surrounded by the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico and now, here in the Caribbean.

I know, realistically there are friendlier places (if such exist) but this has been by far the friendliest place I’ve visited in my life!

Puerto Morelos has the charm of a quaint fishing village and yet a tourist appeal that to me is far better than Playa del Carmen a short ride south of here.

The town center is ever evolving.  I noticed changes in the past 10 months that just enhance the place…..it’s really remarkable that in that short bit of time I see the differences. 

  I had never considered the artistry of the Mexican and Mayan people.  There was one store I visited that had Mayan art made from tree bark!

I Wanted To Live Here…

How did I find out about Puerto Morelos?

No, it wasn’t drive east and take a right at Cancun.

Years ago, I began studying a map of the Caribbean coast of Mexico.  I wanted something that was on the coast but not a tourist city.  I recall thinking, what’s about halfway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen (both hot tourist beds).  Looking closely I stumbled upon Puerto Morelos.  One thing I noticed was there was a port there!  And I thought perhaps there was a ferry to Cozumel from there!  That was my thinking and I loved the idea of floating on over to Cozumel!

But it turns out that it’s not a ferry port…..it’s a cargo port!  This brings some diversity to this fishing village along with some money.  The government has plans for Puerto Morelos.  Big plans.

While you can see some of the local housing, a few hundred meters away you’ll find exquisite mansions and luxury condos.  I’m sure that those local habitations will become extinct in this area in the near future.  Sadly.

This is the main attraction as far as I’m concerned.    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!!!  The Caribbean.  Believe it or not…….I don’t hear the sounds of a steel drum band, but I do hear Mexican troubadours.    Don’t be fooled by the novelty of this…..these are skilled musicians.  They may not be playing to you, but when they begin to play they will grab your attention purely on their talent.  They are well worth their earnings and more.

I Wanted To Live Here…

By the way……a storm from the sea drove us all inside just moments after the above photo but it didn’t last long and we were outside again.  And that’s another story as a handful of locals join us at the table.  They just invited themselves over.  I’m smiling at the memory.

I love this!  

The most annoying thing……I walked all the way out to the end of this pier to take this photo and  I was mobbed by flies!!  I kept swatting them away and they kept coming back for more!  It was like I intruded on their space!  If you look closely you see all the black dots….that’s flies!  I had to wait for this moment for the least amount of flies!  Seriously!!

This is a remarkably quaint village…..

I’m planning for another visit shortly, but I’m gonna stay for about 3 days…….that way I’ll really take in the pleasures that my time will allow.

This day ended with coconut rum……oh yeah!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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