I Just Taking My Sweet Time….

I Just Taking My Sweet Time….

It’s taken me some time to reach this point, but I’m taking my sweet time.

I’m here on the Caribbean coast of Mexico.  Enjoying to sun, sand, beautiful waters, lounging about in the embracing breeze and taking my sweet time.

What it is, is something that I wanted deep inside and am now enjoying the reward of.  And it’s taken me some time to realize it.

What I did is probably wrong, but it is what it is, I did it and perhaps you have to.  I always compared my life to a different lifestyle.  Not a person that I knew or wish I knew, but a lifestyle.  Now, I realize the level of dissatisfaction I was living that put into motion a hectic life…..at times fun……but professionally and personally hectic.  Which, made me want the other lifestyle more which in turn propelled a more hectic environment fuelled by my dissatisfaction.

I have to be careful here or I won’t get this done.

For some reason, I want to go to the ‘Hog’s Breath Saloon’ in Key West, Florida right now!  Anyway!

I’m here.  No complaints!  I’m just working thru this and really learning how to relax and enjoy a different lifestyle.  My past my haunt me for a moment reminding me I need to be more productive, but there’s a place about 25 feet from where I’m sitting that is calling me to relax in a hammock.

I tell myself…”look I’ve got a better environment for my meditation, a better environment for my yoga, and yeah I need more room for my Tai Chi (that’ll come) but, I’m actually shaping that alternative lifestyle.  And gosh is it relaxing!

I Just Taking My Sweet Time….

Sadly several months of hustle and bustle in my new environment has encumbered my vision.  Until this morning during my meditation time…..  Clarity.

The lifestyle is casual and relaxed……not hectic.  And that’s what I have…..a casual and relaxed lifestyle. Very open to the moment.  I would say carefree but I also feel like an inexperienced tight rope walker.  Ha! Imagine me a tight rope walker that is afraid of heights!  Good gosh!  It serves as a good analogy.

I’ve seen and done most everything I’ve set out to do for where I’m at and yet I feel compelled to do more but, that isn’t necessarily what is important in my life right now.  I have an inner adventure that’s taking place, a transformation that I need to get out of the way of and allow to evolve.  I know that’s not the type of adventure that we relate to as an adventure……..walking across that hanging bridge through the mountains of Costa Rica…..that’s adventure!  And I’m sure there’s more of that to come.

Saying I’m not gonna drive that road,  and yet that is the road I must travel.

I’ve reached an unexpected curve, it’s a beautiful view and it’s my opportunity to enjoy.

You, my friends, may not know of any changes unless I bring them up like right now……but they are happening and a lot of times I want to just rush to share that with you.  Yet, it’s not for you, it’s for me.

At this time, I am also even more compelled to speak out that we need to spread a message of peace and love.  Talk more about what we as individuals want, not talk about what we don’t want.   Use our minds, our bodies, and energies wisely, intelligently and powerfully for peace, for love.

Well, I had to throw that in there.

I Just Taking My Sweet Time….

I encourage you that during your next conversation when something that is tied to negativity come up, change it to something you want to do…..see the Grand Canyon perhaps, see the earth from a hot air balloon or maybe alert your conversant to your artful talents.  Life is much better on the positive side.

I have more outward adventures on my horizon, but for right now…..I’m just taking my sweet time.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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