The Real Problem With Peace

The Real Problem With Peace

Honestly, it is a bit disheartening.  More people are interested in anything other than peace!  There’s a problem with peace!

Am I and just a handful, less than a handful of others interested and talking about living in peace???

We should all want to live in peace.  But instead more people are interested in what bathroom to go in, which monuments should be torn down (thanks, Mitch), what’s going on on The Bachelor or the solar eclipse!!


Wiping North Korea off the face of the earth seems to get more attention.  The leader in all his immaturity has started a war of words and that is where the attention and energies are expended.

What about peace?

Oh but the other guy doesn’t want peace so we must engage in this protagonist banter.  And, the thing about this is that whatever effort for peace is being put forth just isn’t receiving any attention.

And that will continue, unfortunately.  It’s inherent of the notion and effort of peace.

Peace is radical, it just isn’t ‘sensational’.  And for the press to put forth an effort and expose anything it must be sensational.

WAIT!!!  This whole thing goes in a direction you’re not paying attention to.

The life blood of all media, what is it?  Is it the truth?  Is it something that brings about a magic moment in humanity?  No, that’s just a side story.  It has to be of another nature…….


More people are interested in seeing a train wreck than 2 world leaders shaking hands and their armies laying down their weapons.

The Real Problem With Peace

It has to sell!!

Whatever is on TV or radio has to sell to continue, if it doesn’t it falls to the wayside.  It has to be sensational. It doesn’t have to be correct, it just has to be sensational.

Peace doesn’t sell.  Maybe a little attention around the holiday season, but……it doesn’t sell.

Bruce Willis shooting it up on the movie screen or Ben Kinsingly meeting in his role as a peace advocate to his nemesis that has seen the light of a better way.  Which one is gonna sell tickets?  I like both Bruce and Ben.

Peace has an image problem.  Peace isn’t sensational enough….it’s not violent!  There’s no action!  What’s to attract the interest???

We are a culture attracted to violence……sadly.

Everything must be sensational!!! I guess that’s why a lot of people walk around with unsatisfied lives. What?  Am I wrong on that point?  No, if you’re satisfied with your life, you’re not in front of your telly flippin’ channels looking for the next blood bath or riot!

I recently wrote about what a difference this world would be if the number of people interested in the solar eclipse would be interested in peace.  Think of that for a moment.Then, I get a good luck wish.

Then, I get a good luck wish.

I’m not the only one responsible for a world of peace!!  You are too!  You can start right where you are.  Don’t think that it’s someone else responsibility!!

Peace is a hard conversation path.  Honestly, try it.  But, violence has an abundance of words to be said.  And, it’s hard to convince people that peace is a better choice.  It seems to be in our DNA.

The Real Problem With Peace

Peace has a bad reputation… is mocked about even though it rises above violence.

Let’s all choose a path that will allow us to live in harmony.

This is the way I see it.  If we all decide to share the idea of a world of peace and make an earnest effort, that the level of violence will subside and isolate the violent.  From there the counsel of peace with the aggressors and finding common ground to live in peace will take hold.  Optimistic?  Yes, I am.  The success is in the doing.


Peace, love, and beaches,


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