Being Happy Right Where You Are

Being Happy Right Where You Are

Being happy right where you are (sort of) isn’t a bad place to be.

I’m all for improving every aspect of our individual lives as much as possible.  Sometimes there are limitations, at least from our perspective.  So, what about within those limitations.

Even right now, right where I am in my adventure there are situations I know I can’t win because I don’t have any control over them.  Someone else does.

It’s right there that I learned part of this lesson.  My focus isn’t on what I can’t change but rather on what I can change.  That makes my life so much simpler and enjoyable.

But, wait!!  That’s different than what I really want to say.  It’s actually very superficial in the scope of life.

Here’s what I talking about.

Traveling through the mountains of Mexico there are small villages.  Really in a place called ‘nowhere’.  Places we couldn’t find if we were trying!  And the people that live there, love it there.  Yes, I’m sure that some whose lives have been invaded with Western culture and technology want something more, but by the looks on the faces of these villagers, there’s contentment. There is peace and joy. It’s a life fulfilled without all the trappings of a technological society.

You can’t equate happiness to possessing things.

Tucked away, down a lonely path past the jungle’s edge is home to people with nothing more than a power strip from an extension cord leading to a neighbor’s house.  And that’s for the most fortunate that is close enough to civilization that such a luxury can be had.

Being Happy Right Where You Are

They are afforded worked and responsibility.  Willingly they apply themselves for the best results they can achieve.  I’m not sure of their mindset regarding their productivity but they are very willing to show you, and explain to you their work and their life.

They work ten hours a day for a wage in lots of cases less than $4 American a day!  And come home to a house of five to feed and care for.

To reach some of these people is no small effort, thru the jungle and up the mountain guided by the soft moonlight and a few creepy sounds.   Some will leave their homes three to four hours to be to work on time.  And they are on time.

There’s a camaraderie amongst the families.  Everyone is greeting one another with their best smile…..I love seeing their smiles!  Those faces are the most original I’ve seen…..nothing fake, nothing hidden.  Simple and they love life. 

I’ve been fortunate to have been invited into their homes and yes…. shared Cervezas willingly with them.  Being the coldest beers, they aren’t…..but probably the most enjoyable with the company.

It’s remarkable to watch as they use their hands and tools to make a most unique meal from scratch…..and the flavor is authentic!  

These are places you won’t find in Cancun, Playa del Carmen in their luxury resorts… these folks houses I’m not gonna escape the heat of the day, there’s no air-conditioning to retreat to.  This is a real-life.

For some, we’d consider their workplace to be exotic  but for them ,it’s just another day at the office…..a very long day.

I’m really grateful to the people I meet that invite me to their homes and are so proud of their lives.  It’s a remarkable experience and one I’d not trade anything for.

I might not have said all I wanted to say or in the way I wanted to say, but I did enjoy this unique experience.

Peace, love, and beaches,



  1. Your view are so described that you can see the picture in your words. Keep writing I feel I am experiencing it with you. Be safe

    1. Thank you Gaynell……
      We had a tropical wave come ashore yesterday that took away our partial eclipse. We survived! =)
      Have a FAB day!

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