Just Another Tropical Wave

Just Another Tropical Wave

While most of America was anticipating and watching the solar eclipse we were watching a tropical wave wash ashore.  In person.

Just a few days ago there was a bit of concern here in Quintana Roo, particularly the mid to southern (more southern) part of the state as Tropical Storm Harvey was growing and was suspected to be a Category 1 hurricane before hitting land.

It isn’t our first brush with a cyclone but it appeared to be the most organized at the time.

I’m not a weatherman, and I don’t even have the aspiration so I can’t tell you why such a drastic down grade.

By the way, here in the tropics, you become keenly aware of the force of nature when it comes to cyclones so saying ‘drastic down grade’ is more than just being colorful in wording.

This tropical storm had the makings…..on its way to a full fledged hurricane when its foreboding growth just dissipate.  POOF!!

Much like the previous storms that came thru as tropical storms, it took a couple days shopping to make sure that sufficient supplies are on hand.

There’s an anticipation that should a rather thick, hefty storm makes its way here that much of the standard facilities will be shut down by the storm with no anticipated return of services except that they will eventually be restored.

If you didn’t quite get that…..no electricity and no water.  Sitting in a solid concrete condo with no services….including no internet.

Just recently we went without electricity in the whole state of Quintana Roo for about 5 hours and it had nothing to do with any electrical problems within the state much less the immediate area!!  The sun was shining!!  No clouds! A beautiful day.

Just Another Tropical Wave

It seems there was a power outage 3 states over at a power station and that affected us.

Once the electricity goes out, so does our water…..so there’s no shower, no toilet, and no kitchen washing available.  Drastic.

Some precautions have to be taken for such an event……in the case of a storm, I live in an area that is rather affluent but not as much as the surrounding municipalities.  And we don’t see lines of power trucks at the state line eagerly waiting to jump in and get the job done.  It’ll take a bit of time.  Just because of the size of the workforce.

Rickety wooden power line poles are giving way to metal and concrete……but that’s a work in progress.

Make no mistake….these are torrential storms.  The downpours are strong and relentless.  Couple that with the unskilled drivers and poor road drainage, I’m not out on the road driving.  Most anything off Highway 307 is a path, not a road.

So, there are precautions that we’ve put in place…..not too much different than living in Florida.  An emergency tote with batteries to last months, cans of vegetables and such and about 50 liters of water for drinking. I grilled enough food for about a week, storing will be the problem, so I quickly prepped the food for the freezer which wouldn’t be opened very often.

We have a pool to rinse and cool off in and of course, the Caribbean just a moments walk away.

Just Another Tropical Wave

I’m not as much in a fretful mind as I was at the beginning of hurricane season.  I’ve got things in place and with really no place to escape to, I’m prepared to hunker down for the long haul.  It’s not like living on the coast of Florida and heading inland……there’s not that sort of infrastructure here.

Even the storms are an adventure.

By the way, this tropical wave continues its wonderful work thru today too……  The rain is much welcomed.

Yes, I also have a supply of beer to see me thru….

Peace, love, and beaches,


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