The Problem Is The Downtime

The Problem Is The Downtime

The Problem Is The Downtime!  I’m a really busy person, or at least I like to stay busy.  And if I’m not busy, I get bored and everything around me becomes just the normal part of life……but I like different and I like the unusual.  When the newness wears off, I begin to look elsewhere.

So, here I sit on the beautiful Riviera Maya and as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve done most everything I’ve set out to do.  Meaning this life has settled down to a bit of routine and normalcy.   I’m pushing on being here for a year now and begin my residence renewal next week.  Yeah, I’m a bit antsy.  And there are still some things to discover but, if I just rushed out to do them, then I’d still be in the same situation.

And, look, it’s not a matter of boredom!!  Gosh, I have so much freedom!!  And yeah, I get a little excited about the coming years travels I have planned.  But, I still have the here and now.

If not for my lease which runs thru November, I’d have seen the remainder of the sights I want to see and be on another adventure.  That’s a lesson right there… more long term leases.  We actually tried to get a 6-month lease but the owner wanted a 12-month lease.  So why not move on instead of taking the 12-month lease?  At the time, there wasn’t much to choose from that was in my budget.  So…… I am.  But, not again.

The Problem Is The Downtime

One of the problems of being here when I got here was that I was a little out of season going into their tourist season.  Meaning the prices were reasonable when I arrived and about a month out of increasing.  No one is gonna give a long term at out of season prices.  Bottom line.

With the downtime comes opportunity though.  In two important ways.  First of all, I learn to slow down and appreciate where I’m at and what I’m doing.  Secondly, I have the time forced on me to write and record music that I’ve always said I had no time to do!

Life has a way of making dreams come true…..if I look to see the opportunity.

Even though it’s sweltering hot, I’ll make a trek to Coba to visit the Mayan Ruins shortly……  And for my Temporary Import Permit renewal, I’ll make a return visit to Chetumal visit another ruins site and spend a couple days down in Bacalar again.  Bacalar is dreamy, to be honest with you.  I’ll have to rent a house on the lake and just lay back and relax.

Meanwhile…..I’ve got now.  I want to put together 2 calendars to sell with pictures of my experience and motivational daily quotes.  I have my music to record which I’ve mentioned above and I also have 2 ebooks, one that I’ve started.  So, I actually have plenty to do with my downtime.  It’s a matter of discipline to take advantage of this….and I must!

I can also take out periodically and get up close and personal to a part of Mexico that most never see…..I’ve shown some of that, but there’s so much more to see.  The Pueblos are thriving with a life and culture you can’t come close to in the tourist areas.  That’s not Mexico.

The Problem Is The Downtime 

In the next few days, I’ll be shuttling over to Cozumel again for a photo expedition.  Actually, I won’t be able to do it all in one day.  But on this day, I’ll be exploring the fringe of the downtown of San Miguel……where the people live their daily lives oblivious to the tourism.  That’s gonna be an eye opener and I’m sure the photos will be extraordinary.

So, there are lots to do in my downtime… just isn’t as frantic as first getting here, but I believe it’s gonna be a very meaningful time.

Come on along and I’ll give you a peek.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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