1st Renewal of Temporary Residency In Mexico

1st Renewal of Temporary Residency In Mexico

Residency in Mexico.  Do I really need it?

It’s not a short term goal that I have to look at but rather a long term goal.

It is much cheaper to live in Mexico than it is in the United States.  While the peso and the dollar volley back and forth, just the products, utilities, and overall cost of living is cheaper.

I live a short walk from the Caribbean in a gated and patrolled community for less than just my house note and electric bill in Florida!!  Truth!!  I haven’t paid ten dollars for any two months of my utility bill.  That ain’t happening in the United States!

My health insurance is in about eighty percent cheaper than in the states and my policy covers me anywhere in the world except for the United States.  Plus, the cost of healthcare here in Mexico is nominal and certain prescription medicines in the states are over the counter here!

Now, if I were to choose not to renew my residency and still live in Mexico, I can do that.  Every 6 months I’d have to leave the country for 3 days.  That’s all.

But, that leaves me without an opportunity for any of the future benefits of being retired in Mexico.  Discounts on airfare, movies, restaurants, and local health insurance to name a few.  And if the financial living situation in the United States doesn’t improve, I want to be sure to be entitled to the low cost of living here without having to leave periodically.  Sort of like AARP without any dues.

1st Renewal of Temporary Residency In Mexico

It’s the small things that matter and mount up.

I don’t see much changing in the expenses of living in the U.S., so, I guess I am using Mexico as my fall back.  And yet I won’t be spending all my time here.

Now, I’ve had this set in my sights for the past six months…..now I’m wondering where those last six months went. I’m not very much further along in knowing Spanish than I was a year ago and now, I’m walking into an environment with no one to interpret and depending on knowing the process and a little help from my Mexican friends across the counter.

So here’s what’s happened!

In one day and in one visit I did what took about 3 weeks and 5 visits from last year!  Seriously!!  Smoothest thing I believe I’ve ever been a part of.

All I have to do now is watch my email for a follow-up visit where I’ll probably have to run to the bank with a form and pay the funds for the renewal and return to the immigrations office and provide a current special size photo of my mug.  That cuts out another two times for me.

I’m astounded!!

Now.  There seems to be only one problem that they haven’t brought up to me.

Upon reviewing my status on the government website I noticed something about my personal information that causes me a little concern.

Female!!  They have me as ‘female’!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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