Living Life Without A Home Button

Living Life Without A Home Button

I recently finished reading Richard Branson’s book “Losing My Virginity”.  It was one of those books I just couldn’t put down!  Like most, it had moments when it bogged down but that too was part of his life.  That’s part of our lives too, probably with longer spells.  Much longer.

There was something about the book that I came away with that I think I had abandoned long ago and that’s why I was bogged down.  But I learned something very important.  Keep moving!  Move forward!

So I’ve decided to keep ‘moving forward’.

I do a lot of stuff…….stuff that I like and the stuff is really focused.

I’ve noticed that I tend to slow down at times and then I stop.  I stop what I’m doing and look elsewhere.  But, I’m thinking I’ve got it wrong.  Perhaps overthinking and over evaluating.

Even just a moment ago I stopped moving forward with this writing and went wash dishes!!  Washed dishes!! Crazy!

This may sound trivial but hang with me a little longer.  I think I may be on to something here.  I know it’s about me because I sort of feel it creeping up on me.

It’s like I look for reasons to do something else.  Which may not be bad.  Yet, when Richard reached that point that I so often reach, he kept moving forward.

I realized that moving forward isn’t such a bad thing.  The present may get a bit too comfortable.  Change may not be appealing at the moment.  But there’s something on the other side of this moment.

Do I have to understand everything?  No.  Not understanding is part of the adventure.  I must embrace that.

Living Life Without A Home Button

In the back of my mind, this is what I’m leading to.  And it’s very awkward!

I am essentially homeless!

I’ve ventured into a lifestyle that I’m totally unequipped for!  I know nothing about this!  Is there supposed to be downtime of such, between adventures or is it that it’s a continual adventure?

Should I just keep moving forward and not question anything.  Home is where I lay my head tonight? Wherever that is!  That’s a very precarious feeling and approach.  But there’s not anything necessarily wrong with that either.

Most people I know of are much younger than I, living like this.  This is the lifestyle I should have lived when I was younger.  And now I’m thinking, why can’t this be the lifestyle of an older person?  Who makes up these rules that such and such is the lifestyle for younger people?

I’m sensing that I’m a bit anxious on this, sort of like right before Christmas!  I’m liking this.

I’m living life without a home button!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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